Technical Specification


model number 58036
model nameAudi Quattro Rally
drive2WD rear, gear differential
suspensionSwingarm front , Solid rear axle , coilsprung all round
chassis desc.ABS with splashresistant radiobox
bodyLexan / ABS
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front tireSemipneumatic rubber tire
rear tireSemi pneumatic rubber tire
The Audi is a good looking model based on the wild willy design , It was unusual in that it used hard plastic front & rear body sections joined to a lexan shell . It was not such a good car to drive though because of the very low ground clearance (11mm!) and the high centre of gravity caused by the high battery mounting position , The car tended to want to roll over a lot which wrecked everything . Not many good examples around now because most of them were wrecked due to the handling . The body is one of the most difficult to decal and never looks quite right but its still a wonderful car. (Description by Synchrocnc)
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