Technical Specification


model number 58081
model nameNissan King Cab
drive2WD Rear, ball differential
suspensionDouble Wishbone all round, coilover oilfilled shocks
chassis desc.ABS monocoque tub
bodyLexan polycarbonate
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KingCab is Tamiya's first attempt at building a decent stadium racing truck; previous monster offerings were ungainly car-crusher type behemoths (Clod, Blackfoot, Lunchbox) which weren't too stable on their paws. KingCab's long wheelbase, balloon tyres and high ground clearance made this an excellent backyard basher and club ST racer. Given a hopup motor, this model has a decent turn of speed and handled well. (Description by Willy Chang) Extremely well detailed and fragile blowmolded lexan body.
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