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OCTOBER 2015: New Competition thanks to FusionHobbies.com this time we are giving away a brand new 84418 Tamiya TT-02B MS. The competition starts 10th Oct

Apologies for the delay but have had to do some unplanned server update work over the weekend. I now need to restart the server tomorrow lunchtime 12:15PM 06/10/15. There server will go offline at this time, but should be back in 5-10mins.

In other news I've set up a new support system for anyone having issues using the site. Emails have been a bit problematic and been getting lost for various reasons, so this should ensure all your enquiries are dealt with in a more timely fashion.
You can access the system by clicking here: https://tamiyaclub.freshdesk.com/support/tickets/new

Latest Features: besides competitions, why not follow us on Twitter or facebook and treat youself to one of great official TShirts

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