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Scammer Warning

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Posted 14 March 2008 - 10:51 PM

Had a couple of PMs this week regarding this scammer.
Thanks again for the heads-up guys.

The following is part PM, part paste-job from www.scale4x4rc.org
Please have a good read through that thread, there's some useful stuff on there.

There's no need for any replies to this thread, unless you've personally had dealings with him and can add to the information already listed (no 'Hang him' posts please, they'll be deleted)

Having read thru some boards where he is/was active, he seems to do a lot of 'post whoring' - loads of 'cool', 'sweet', etc. posts in order to get his post count up - just stay alert when dealing with new people - a high post count is no indication of honesty!

So, read on;

Letting you guys know..

There is a guy, ''podfreak'' or ''choco3'' possibly other names. He's ripped off a few people, tried a recent scam over at RCMT, and tamiya3spd with a tamiya mamouth truck.

more info;


Kenchoco, Choco3, SERPENTRACER69, kurtmeyer, chocobot, schoolmemories, kurtmeyer69, MERCCER4LIFE, HELLOkitty, rbchoco, panzermeyer, GRUNDIG415, SERPENTFREAK69, podfreak, noblackie69, mobilewagon, kenchoco1969, COOLSTUD, piper1944

So far he has two addresses:

Kenneth Meyers
5428 Palmer St.
Houston, TX 77004
United States


Kenneth Meyers
5218 Amy St.
Houston, TX 77028
United States

Originally Posted by stepside
I am a HUGE advocate of what you guys are doing to battle Ken Choco. I'm a member of gardentrucking mostly, but I do post a few on scale4x4. I just put together an RC get together in Reading, PA.

I wanted to see if you could get ahold of the admin at tamiya3speed.com. Ken is posting there and possibly getting ready to scam another user... I'm not sure. Here's the real story:

I found a tamiya mammoth at my LHS and posted a thread on gardentrucking. I didn't know Ken and I gave him the information for the store and he bought the truck. If you recall, he was trying to sell 2 on RCUniverse. Well, it appears that he's trying to play dumb on tamiya3speed - I think to get someone to pay him to go "buy" it for them and ship it to them...


the Gardentrucking board is down at the moment, or I'd provide a link to the thread where he and I discussed the info on the LHS.

Feel free to post this information on the scale4x4 thread.

I'll be checking this thread often!

I then shot out a PM to Larrio at Tamiya3speed.com, but realized afterwards that there were a ton of familiar faces in the moderator crowd over there :lol:

I am assuming then that some of you guys are aware of the thread he referenced...

there is a huge disscussion on scale4x4 about this. and this dude has been scammin on many forums. Here is some more on him,

Originally Posted by weeb_beano
I know that members are not supposed to discuss bad trades on other forums, but this is what I dug up from a quick google search on 'kenchoco'... and it's not good.

He scammed an R/C heli out of this guy. His address is posted on this thread, among other things.

Pretty hard to get banned from RCTech... but if you're scamming it's real easy.

Scammed some guy out of some setup stands...

Scammed someone in a Dr. Who forum

Look for 'kenchoco' on this page. Four separate scams documented....

This guy is serious trouble.

Originally Posted by weeb_beano
An even more scary set of matches appear when you search for his email - 'mobilewagon@yahoo.com'.


Some more specific threads where you see his typical operating style. I'm sorting them alphabetically or else it would become madness. Read these in depth if you want to see a window into a scamming mind.
NEW http://botconnect.co...r...wtopic&p=29
NEW (Found 11 Mar) http://forum.crustcr...t...?f=11&t=603
NEW http://www.com-centr...=...opic&t=8885
NEW (Found 11 Mar) http://www.hfmodelin...m...age=1&ord=1
NEW http://houstonheli.c...topic.php?8.530
NEW http://maverick.to/m...?page=3&t=30048 (found by Roborg5000)
NEW http://mini-zracer.c...p...9619&page=2
NEW (Found 11 Mar) http://modelgeek.kit...?...4735&page=1
NEW http://www.network54...ken myers alert
NEW http://planetarmor.c...php/t-3141.html
NEW http://forums.radioc...d.php?p=2317721
NEW http://www.rctech.ne...hp/t-72536.html
NEW http://robosavvy.com...highlight=#8519

He convinces people to ship items on the same day that he would supposedly ship payment.
He then uses stall tactics (financial woes, birth of child, health problems in the family) to draw the situation out.
He builds trust in some forums by selling other people's stolen items at a steep discount. This process is then repeated ad nauseum.



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Posted 19 May 2008 - 05:29 PM

My Experiences with Ken

Yesterday(I first wrote this on April 18, 2008), I realized that I had not heard from Ken Meyers (screen named KurtMeyer on RC Universe) in a while, so I decided to go to his profile to pm him(forgot how Meyer was spelled). He had told me that he had been laid off of his job as an accountant for Exxon Mobil and I thought that perhaps he could use a kind word. When I reached his profile, I was confused to see the word SUSPENDED stamped on his profile picture. I glanced down on his last posts section and found a thread warning about him. I clicked on it and read the contents; what I read shocked and amazed me. Ken is, or at least was at a time, a scammer with a not so small list of offenses. I was disgusted that the authorities of RCU didnt think it important to show this thread to other forums than just the tank one in which in was originally posted. This thread ended more than a month ago, yet I only find out now? It sickens me.
I think it only appropriate that I talk of my experiences with Ken. I met him the day after Christmas of 07. I had received a Tamiya Scania tractor truck for Christmas and now I found a thread called globeliner and scania thread, and so I met KurtMeyer. We talked about our semis and I posted pics of my Scania on his thread. He talked of his globeliner and I asked for pics of it and his Tamiya King Tiger that he had on his list of rc vehicles. After claiming to have forgotten two or three times he finally complied and sent four pics: one of his Globe Liner, one of his flat bed trailer and two of his King Tiger. A couple of months later he informed me that he had lost his job at Exxon Mobil and that he was selling his King Tiger and possibly a Tamiya Mammoth dump truck. I told him that I wished I could help him, but I didnt have the money for it (I don't make enoguh money to have bought either) . He posted one more thread on Tamiya trucks which I posted in and that was the last that I had heard from him.

Things I noticed about him:
1. Although he started two threads about rc tractor trucks, he never posted any pics of his truck or trailer on the forums. I got the pics though e-mail directly.
2. In his globeliner and scania thread, he said that he was working on his Scania, yet later on the Tamiya3speed forums (as Pod Freak) he said that he was waiting until he got the new Tamiya refrigerated trailer before he would open his Scania.
3. On the Tamiya 3speed forum, he used a picture of a young Caucasian woman for his icon and talked as a teenager might; using the word like often (ex.like what-ever). He stopped talking like this and changed his icon to a pic of middle aged black man with glasses next to a black woman as soon as he was aware that I had joined the forum.

Thank you for taking the time to Read my story,

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Posted 13 September 2008 - 05:40 AM

looks like Kenny Meyer has been on most RC related forums out there, somehow i always seem to find his name on the scammers list. we almost traded my like new GFX charger for a tamiya bruiser that he supposedly had but after the 3 day negotiation of who would ship first he got angry that i dont ship first since he was the one that made the offer , to make a long story short he gave himself away buy not being consistent in his messages , it went from its boxed up and ready to go to its at my uncles house and i just need to go and get it, he finally emailed me a picture of a hilux that he had copied from yahoo pictures , i knew i saw the pic somewhere and decided to investigate until i found it under bruiser on yahoo image search. after that i was sure that something was fishy and stopped all comunication with him . he tried to trade once again using another user name but since he had almost identical spelling habits i figured out that it was him again.. this kid needs to go to jail for a few months , at least we wont have to worry about him trying to scam us while he is there :)

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Posted 25 November 2008 - 02:11 PM

Mr Meyer or whatever he calls himself is well known in the RC tanking community. He is a thief and scammer, and I am really surprised he is not in jail yet. The method is always the same, orders something, says he will send a MO, and said MO never arrives. He tried it on me couple years ago. I may have been born at night, but not last night, so no MO no goods. Pleas to send it for his son's birthday or whatever fell on deaf ears. Said he had already sent the MO. Of course, the MO never arrived. Later I heard of him on the tank forums, and he had the stones to try to buy from me again.

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