Should you win the prize, Tamiyaclub will cover the delivery costs but YOU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY IMPORT CHARGES. The donators of the prizes will not falsify any item values on the prizes.

YOUR PICTURE MUST HAVE A CLEAR 'RC" CONNECTION IN IT, models, parts, boxes, paint, tools etc.


The image must be in your tamiyaclub showroom (no external links)

You must have produced the image yourself or have permission to use it.

You must vote if you want to be in with a chance of winning yourself.

It was twenty years ago today… and if Sgt. Pepper had been around he probably would have signed up to the new Tamiyaclub website.

To celebrate we are giving away our most special set of prizes ever, a real collection of items that represent some of the best moments of Tamiyaclubs.
As subscribers you are all obviously Tamiya fans so I know you will appreciate these.

1. Tamiya Sand Scorcher

We had to give away a Sand Scorcher, it goes without saying. If it wasn't for the original Sand Scorcher, the club would not exist.

2. The Very First Wild Wendy

Next up is a very special hand made Wild Wendy from our very own member ToyMkr73. Before 3d printers Matt Hicks was hand sculpting these things and as we were an obvious route to market as well as an inspiration in the first place, he graciously gave us a special edition Wendy to give away. The very first Wild Wendy!

3. Wild Willy 2 from

As we are giving away Wendy, it seemed only right we gave away a Wild Willy 2 Kit! Thanks to for this. Our very long time supporter of the site donating a great prize once again!

4. A Very Special Golden Toolkit

in 2007 the members of TC donated what was at the time, some very rare and hard to find parts to build another one-of-a-kind model, This time the Community Sand Scorcher. I was lucky enough to go across to Tamiya HQ in Japan and hand this across to them. As part of the package one of our members, pleiku68, prepared a complete set of gold plated tools and he was kind enough to run off some extras in a limited number. Here is one of those kits. The photos do not do it justice!

5. Samurai! Direct from Tamiya HQ

Finally during the visit I got to pickup with this simple static Samurai kit. Its not worth a fortune but it is not something you can't get anywhere else as its tree is stamped 'Commemorating Your Visit', so hopefully knowing its source and its connection with the Community Scorcher, it will still form a part of the Tamiya collection.

The format is a bit different this time around. As we have multiple prizes we are going to have multiple winners! One prize each to the top 5 photos and the prize can be selected by the winners in descending order.

So what's the theme? This time it's "Tamiyaclub"

As always what you do with it is up to you, it can be a pic of a model, you whole collection, TC friends, anything you feel the club has played a part in - as long as it has an obvious RC/TC connection and people will be impressed. Entries need to be in by the end of May so you've got plenty of time to think about it and come up with something good.

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