Many thanks to our long time sponsor for backing another great competition. Officially the closest competition we have ever run, one more vote for any of the top 4 would have seen a different result! Great winner. Just goes to show winning these things is not about having the best model or the best camera or even about being the best photographer - its all about having the best idea that captures the theme and members appreciate, which is what these competitions were always about. Got to worth having a go next time, right?

The 1 winner: JYCM3

2: xakiat
4: c64orinoco
5: a.w.k.
6: woomagic
7: whahooo
8: Doc007
9: mikeekim
10: Re-Bugged
11: Badcrumble
12: xray mark
14: Rick_Sammler
15: Tamiyastef
16: Racing Master
17: MadInventor
18: ant88
19: EbbotNo1
20: AndyjcClod
21: Patrokles99
22: taffer
23: J@mes
24: rwordenjr