Sand Scorcher
Model Number: 58452


February 2010


Rear 2WD


Swingarms rear w/torsion bars, trailing arms front with hairpin springs, oil filled metal dampers

Chassis Description

Black GRP w/aluminium stiffener, water resistant radio box

Body Type

Hard plastic









Wheel Base



2200g (est)




front:Semipneumatic rubber tire
Rear:Semi pneumatic rubber sand tire

Originally released in 1979, this is the 30th anniversary rereleased version.



3/4/2010 12:26:31 PM

I’m surprised because nobody have written about this one yet. So my thinking comparing both old and new, as I had a NIB in 1982 and other recently which still keep pictures as well as impressions and feelings.
Basically we are talking about the same thing, the new body is <PS> polystyrene versus the old one <ABS> which looked strongest and less brittle. The fenders will be a point of discussion forever, however I think the new one ( Monster beetle/Blitzer beetle) looks much up-to-date regarding the old one which really looked vintage.
In general speaking all the changes in the body were to improve the firmness, avoiding lights, rear views or handles are lost meanwhile you are running, also to save some money for Tamiya I’m sure, but purists or those who were waiting the vintage were disappointed.
Personally I don’t like the new rear views, but you can fill the big hole and replace the mirrors. Also you could use the Dremel and shave off the plastic and place the clear plastic for the rear lights, which still are provided as the vintage.
The quality of the parts is Tamiya standard but I hoped to get something better, I mean not only a new copy of the old Blitzer.

The Blisters are the worst I have seen, having in account that kits from 1980 have kept immaculated, this one would not resist 30 years in anyway!, My sample arrives with the green blister barely glued, and the blue one is a yoke in the motor area. I have seen pictures of the TC members and in spite of the seller have placed foam the problem is the same, a demerit for Tamiya here, if you will keep the NIB.

The chassis is Buggy Champ with a new body post in one piece, it’s fine, and the usual exhaust with stinger at the rear….with the all time desperately looked for clips.

This has more plastic than the Buggy Champ and proves that the plastic worth nothing, this kit is cheapest than the BC, or they manufacturated a lot more decreasing the price.

The suspension is soft as the BC is, they realized that the old buggy was a kart and decreased the hardness of the torsion bars and front springs. The car looks lower but in videos I saw run better.

Finally the decals: all us would like the old one, but we know why they couldn’t……. rights/money. However I would have expected little more imagination providing in some way more options for painting, a nice detail for old modelers and of course an excuse to buy more boxes of the same thing.

Will there are be a Ranger and / or a Super Champ in the close future, I would give my OK to the Super Champ, though will be more investment for Tamiya and probably would not be sold as these ones so who knows. The Ranger was failed in its time and I think would do again.

In the meantime........enjoy the new baby!