TRF201 Chassis Kit
Model Number: 42167


Mar 2010



Chassis Description

Tub-Style Buggy Chassis

Body Type

Lexan Clear


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front:Not Supplied
Rear:Not Supplied


super gripper

7/5/2010 9:38:17 PM

At last Tamiya has an up to date competative 2wd car. About time too!
I bought mine from stellamodels and three days later it was here, wow they are good!
That was Wednesday but the build had to wait until the Saturday.
I race my DB01R every week at TORCH, my local all astro off road track. Having never raced 2wd before it was all going to be new to me.

So Saturday was set aside for the build, I am a quick builder with my Lunch box only taking an hour but I wanted to take my time with the 201.

I started at 11am and was done by 5pm. The car went together beautifully, pre-tapping all the plastic parts made the build longer but it saves a lot of bother.
2mm hex screws in a Tamiya kit, lovely.........
the gearbox could not have been simpler and so nice to have a slipper clutch, ball diff, UJ's all in the kit.

I have pictures of the build in my showroom so please take a peek

The chassis came together so quickly, then on to the shocks. With the new cylinders these shocks are the best off road shocks Tamiya have done so far. Lots of new features with the piston rod guides so make sure you double check the pictures in the manual when building them.
I never use the kit shock oil and after a chat with a B4 racer I put 35wt associated in the front and 30wt associated shock oil in the rear.

The body shell has lovely contours and comes with window masks. Not too difficult to mask up a design and has the look of going fast while standing still about it.

I decided to stay brushed with this car (I run a 6.5 brushless in my DB01R) starting with a mild 12quad. no lipo in this car either just high capacity nimh's.

The car had to be built on the Saturday as I wanted to race it on the Sunday at my local all astro off road track at TORCH (Titchfield Off Road Club Hants)

After a few steady runs to feel how the car handled (it still had the kit set up at this point) it was time to open the taps.

I had put new schumacher yellow staggard ribs on the front and worn yellow mini spikes on the rear. The car was quick but the back end just kept breaking away.
So new blue mini spikes and 1degree of postive camber saw the car intantly pick up its pace and it became much more drivable!
2degree of toe out and 1degree of negative camber at the front improved the car again and I was doing 12 laps compard to the 10's on my early runs.
The 201 is so stable and easy to drive. It does show the two years of development was worth it.
I have since raced another Sunday at TORCH and people are very interested in it at the club, hopefully I won't be the only one with a 201 for much longer!
I am very happy with this car and recommend it to everyone who wants a race car that does well on the track.
Pictures of the 201 on track in my showroom.