TRF417 Chassis Kit
Model Number: 42184


Late 2010


4WD Belt

Chassis Description


This is the 2010 IFMAR ISTC World Championship-winning machine, the TRF417 Chassis Kit. TRF417 was created using valuable race data gained through races with the TRF416 and aims to win the world championship in 2012.

Newly Designed Parts

• Front/Rear Carbon Damper Stays

• Front/Rear Aluminum Bulkheads

• Aluminum Motor Mount

• Aluminum Center Shaft

• Aluminum Diff Joint

• Aluminum Steering Arms and Linkage

• Diff Plates

• Wheel Axle

• Cross Joints

• 19T Pulley

• Carbon Lower & Upper Decks (thicknesses TBA)

Specs & Features

• The chassis design is focused on weight distribution and high-traction characteristics, with *the new minimum chassis weight rule in mind. *The 2012 world championship regulations state that the minimum chassis weight will be restricted to 1,350g. (1,450g in 2010).

• The TRF417 has an optimized chassis layout for high-power lithium batteries and brushless motors.

• One-piece aluminum motor mount offers extra strength and durability to handle high-power motors, enabling transmission of the motor power to the drive train with minimal friction loss.

• Compared to the TRF416, the motor position has been moved about 2.0mm towards the center to keep high traction during racing.

• By using a 19T pulley, the internal drive ratio becomes 1.94, which is very close to the ideal rate for brushless motors (2.0). With this, the car has less flexing resistance on drive belts and speed loss is minimized when the throttle is off.

• Newly designed steering linkage is not connected to the upper deck, providing improved flexibility to hold traction during cornering.

• Newly designed ball diff housing and plates provide extra durability.-Identical front and rear bulkheads.

• Comes equipped with short reversible suspension arms and TRF416 uprights.