QD Monster Beetle
Model Number: 46006




2WD rear axle direct gear 2-speed, gear diff


front swing arm & rear rolling rigid

Chassis Description

ABS Monocoque

Body Type



280 type

Original Price



260 mm


350 mm


218 mm

Wheel Base

195 mm

Tread Front

186 mm

Tread Rear

186 mm

Ground Clearance



1700 g




front:115 mm x 71
Rear:115 mm x 71



10/24/2006 7:08:46 PM

Info from the Radio control guide book (Manta ray cover):

Now you can enjoy car crushing action with Tamiya's Quick Drive radio controlled car series. The ever popular Monster Beetle in a high-rise format is now avilable in Quick Drive form. Just clip on the body, snap on the rear guard, install batteries, and you're of and running. Steering is digital proportional right and left, and the speed control is variable forward and reverse. The Normal and Turbo speed gear switch, ads to its versatility. Sealed gear box houses a powerful elcetric motor, and precision differential gearing. The Monster Beetle QD will provides everyone with the excitement and pleasure of driving a radio controlled custom high-rise monster.

scale 1/14
Overall lenght: 350mm
Overall widh: 260mm
Overall height: 218mm
Wheelbase: 195mm
Tread front & rear: 186mm
Weight fully equipped: Aprox 1,700g
Tire width/diameter: Front & rear 71/115mm
Body: Impact resistant resin
Frame: Engineering plastic monocoque type
Suspension: Front & rear rolling rigid type
Sealed gear box incorporates powerful electric motor and precision differential gearing
Gear ratio: 1/29.12 and 1/40.23 switced by speed selecting lever
Speed control: Variable forward/reverse electronic speed contoller
Set includes wheel and trigger type 2 channel proportional transmitter
Battery requirements: Eight UM3 (AA) size alkaline or Ni-Cd batteries for car and a 006P 9 V battery for transmitter (available separately)


11/8/2004 2:47:52 PM

The QD Monster Beetle turned out to be a really nice little car. I think many people just disregard it since it´s a QD. I first got it because i didnt think i could get my hands on the real MB. (now i have a real MB too!). With its 2speed gearbox you can choose normal or 'turbo' gear. In turbo you get a descent top speed, and in normal you get good power to go climbing som pretty steep hills. I actually went almost all the way up the local ski slope. Traction was the only problem. And its only a 280motor in it i think. Thanks to the ESC it´s easy to drive in those hard places that need presicion. I use 2100Mh AA NiMh that gives the car an extra punch i guess. Running times up to an hour is not unusual. So is nothing bad about this car? Well the shocks could have been better. But for slow climbing they pose no problem. Just dont try to jump any longer distances. When you go over something and the suspension must work, it sound like it´s gonna break. Maybe some oildampers that can be bougt to it will fix that. Very charming beetle body too, that seems to be liked wherever i go. So if you see one, get it. I´ll bet you will be driving it more than you ever thought.