Panzerkampfwagen IV Ausf.J - 1/35 w/2.4GHz Control Unit
Model Number: 48211


Chassis Description




Following the release of the 1/35th Panther Type G Late Production and 1/35 Russian M/T T-34-85 comes the German Panzerkampfwagen IV.

This tank comes equipped with the newly developed 2.4gHz controller system and infrared battle system.

Forward/reverse running, left/right turning, sharp turning, and pivoting, as well as turret rotation and main gun elevation/depression, and sound volume can be easily controlled.

Pre-assembled gearboxes with type 130 motors provide realistic movement.

Single compact unit controls both turret rotation and gun elevation.

Requires four R03/AAA/UM4 batteries for tank and one 6F22/006(9V) battery for controller.

2.4GHz system eliminates the need for frequency crystals and enables more precise and realistic movement.

New battle system features an infrared sensor which can register light from 360 degrees at equal intensities, ensuring consistent battles.

MC-06 Control Unit produces various effects such as damage and engine trouble sounds, speed reduction, as well as the depression of the main gun when 'knocked out'.

Infrared light emitting unit mounted on gun barrel works in conjunction with the LED muzzle flash effect.

Rear mounted LED indicator lets the operator know the current state of the tank. The LED's flashing and color changes indicate various levels of battle damage.

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