Footwork FA13 Mugen Honda
Model Number: 58114




2WD Rear, ball differential


Monoshock rear, coilsprung front uprights

Chassis Description

F102, fibreglass

Body Type


Wheel Base





front:Rubber sponge tires
Rear:Rubber sponge tires



1/25/2004 5:10:33 PM

I got this car off alan (synchrocnc) when another racer at my local club got the FW-14 car (also a F-012) off ebay and seemed to have fun with it. I myself had one of these (FW-14) in 93/4ish and it had been the best thing at our old indoor track against the best drivers with just a tamiya sport tuned in it but i can't remember why i sold it ? ? I was not the best of drivers back then and did not know about the set up of the car and how to do any 'fancy stuff' but it went great and beat lap times of ALL the touring cars. I went to alan's and got the car new built from him plus loads of new wheel's and tyres a different shell plus a new one (i have yet to paint it) put in my old CRP system and my old 27X1 stock motor with new futaba 3003 servo for a test run at the club. When it went down the strait i did not beleve the speed of it and the fact that with no set up at all it took TQ away from the top touring car buy 4 lap's . . . i was gobsmacked. After that ass kicking of the touring cars i had to do more to it but thought 'it's an old model where do i get hop-up's' but then i found a new servo saver and front hub's in my astute box that i never got around to fitting so they went strait on then i messed around with soft front tyres and normal rear's this work's great on the carpet we run on, ballraced the front wheels and also got an alloy motor mount from an old stock place. I have now smashed up the old williams F-101 body alan gave me as a test body and will be painting the original one up soon (not in the correct colors) putting in a good speedo and reciver for power control and hopfully still beating the snot out of the touring cars buy 6 lap's this time.To conclude : this is a very fast and grippy car with simple workings and super speed so if your board with touring car's (like i am now)get one of these and have a great time with it