Fast Attack Vehicle
Model Number: 58496


Mid 2011



Chassis Description

ABS plastic 'tub'

Body Type

Hard body with camo decals



Original Price

MSRP: $250.00



Originally released in 1984, the Fast Attack Vehicle was an R/C buggy that reproduced the look and feel of a special type of a military vehicle. It featured a realistic body and roll cage and offered superior off-road performance. This is the re-release of the Fast Attack R/C car.

Specs and Features

1/10 scale R/C assembly kit.

Includes 1150 (5x11mm) ball bearings. Note: First re-release production only

Durable resin body and roll cage are mounted on ABS resin bathtub type chassis.

Semi-pneumatic grooved front tires and rear tires with block pattern tread.

Soldier figure and M60 machine gun included.

Front and rear independent suspension

Fully-enclosed gearbox protects against dirt and debris.

Includes Tamiya TEU-104BK electronic speed control unit (ESC)

Includes Johnson/Mabuchi 540-J brushed motor

From the orignal TC entry;
The F.A.V as it is affectionately known, was Tamiya's 3rd Military based vehicle - after the XR-311 and the Wild Willy(not including tanks).

The FAV is not a terribly complicated design at all - however it performed VERY well.

The rear suspension is of the trailing link type - with basic coil sprung shock absorbers. The front suspension was quite interesting - as it is also of the trailing link type, again with simple coil over springs doing the work.

If there was one real weak link with the car - it was the differential - the same basic alloy cast gears that were used in the frog. These gears were quite prone to stipping prematurely. The 'dog bones' were also the same type as the Frog/Brat and Lancia - and these also wore out rather quickly.

Overall though, the car was fast - reliable and good looking -particularly when painted in a military theme.

Later, Tamiya released the Wild One - the only other car that used the FAV's chassis platform. The Wild one is considered by many people to be the last of the truly 'realistic' looking cars produced by Tamiya. It is a shame - as the FAV's platform was quite a good handling chassis - accompanied by the typical Tamiya scale realism.

A truly classic car for any enthusiast.