M05 S-Spec Chassis Kit
Model Number: 84204


Mid 2011


Front Wheel Drive

Chassis Description


Body Type

None Supplied

Original Price

MSRP: $324.00

Wheel Base

210mm (M05S)



This is a special limited edition version of the immensely popular M-05 chassis, which features a Short Wheelbase (210mm wheelbase) specification with competition-spec Option Parts.
The included parts will ensure the full potential of the M05 mini chassis.
The newly designed motor plate doubles as a counterweight for greater chassis balance, and front damper stay material has been changed to carbon fiber to reduce chassis weight.
Semi-gloss metal plated frame parts are included for this special edition.

Specifications and features

Special parts:

Aluminum Rear Suspension Mount (Toe-In 1 degree) This Aluminum Rear Suspension Mount is exclusive to the S-Spec Chassis Kit. It provides an additional toe-in angle of 1 degree and overall toe-in angle will become 2.5-3 degrees. Also features Rear Aluminum Uprights.

M-05 Aluminum Heat Sink Motor Plate (Counterweight/Transponder Mount) The Aluminum Heat Sink Motor Plate is exclusive to the S kit and serves as a counterweight to provide the chassis with greater balance and stability. It can also double as a mount for attaching transponder stays.

Carbon Front Damper Stay

Semi-Gloss Finish Metal-Plated Main Frame

Black Metal-Plated 11-Spoke Wheels with 60D Radial Tires

TRF Damper Short Springs (White) (Soft/Medium/Hard)

Other Included Option Parts

Item 54000 Hi-Torque Servo Saver (Black)

Item 54121 Aluminum Horn for Hi-Torque Servo Saver

Item 54178 M-05 Aluminum Rear Upright

Item 54179 M-05 Ball Bearing Set

Item 54193 M-05 Aluminum Steering Post

CVA Shock Unit Super Mini (Black)

Aluminum Ball Connectors (Blue)

5mm Aluminum Ball Connector Nuts (Blue)

4mm Aluminum Flange Lock Nuts (Blue)