Terra Conqueror
Model Number: 58115




4WD shaftdrive


Fourwheel independent double wishbone, coilover oilfilled shocks

Chassis Description

DF01, plastic bathtub

Body Type


Wheel Base






11/5/2012 4:41:33 PM

I got into RC two years ago, buying and restoring a 58087 Manta Ray. I've just restored a 58100 Top Force, and from the leftover parts I added a new plastic chassis tub, bodyset and a few other bits n bobs to create me Terra Conqueror

My impressions..
It's an amalgamation of DF-01 parts and it does seem a little odd for Tamiya to have released this kit so soon after superior chassis'd Top Force (#100) and TF Evo (#107). However think of it as a slightly improved Manta Ray and it makes a little more sense..
turnbuckle linkages for the steering , camber / toe allow easy adjustments
the solid propshaft instead of the wire of the Manta is a lot more robust and a necessity for anything faster than a silver can motor.

In adiditon the bodyshell is a little less jelly mould than the Manta Ray, which was very much an acquired taste !

So think of it as a Manta Ray with a few improvements and its not a bad buggy. It doesn't get the fancy chassis parts of the Top Forces, or their better steering assembly, but it does possess a body shape thats offers wider appeal than the Ray.

Happy to own one alongside the TF and MR - makes a nice trio, now need the TFE for the quartet !


3/20/2012 10:02:28 AM

Hi All,
Terra Conquerer, an oddball in Tamiya's lineup. Without being too ciritcal, when it was released back in 92' when I bought my Top Force 58100, I was scratching my head as to why Tamiya released this kit, as they would have done more justice hopping up the Top Force (since it was Tamiya's 100th commemorative kit) to sell alongside the TP Evo as a lower price option bewilders me. Tamiya boffins can be a wierd bunch sometimes. Despite saying that, it was a robust kit and being more rare than the Top Force, equipped with the coveted Dyna Tech 01R motor makes it a potential collectors item personally speaking with aggresive auction activity when one does come up for sale says it all...


11/28/2010 12:59:08 PM

just to add it comes with a dynatech 01r motor as standard


9/3/2010 11:50:46 PM

One of Tamiya's all time great's,
the terra conqueror is a mixture of hopped up manta ray & Top Force Evo to prduce a fast strong and reliable buggy with great looks.
it does suffer with 2 problems that i have found,
1) The usual motor mount problem of breakages under heavy use (can be replaced with an aluminium motor mount)
2) The red front hubs do have a tendancey to crack (can be replaced with TA01 aluminium Parts)
On the plus side it does come with full bearings as std + ball diff's and those very nice and rare top force evo wheels (Best stashed away for shelf use only due to the cost of replacing them)
plus it comes with suspention pins instead of screw's and it uses the Evo's light weight king pins, all of these parts plus the one way diff as std makes for a very good car,
it uses the blazing star body & wing which is easy to replace even if the decals are a bit harder to find
all in all a very good & quite rare car that is very under rated