Avante Black Special
Model Number: 84270


Q1 2012


4WD Shaft


Multi Link

Body Type



25t Black Special







Wheel Base


The Tamiya Avante was re-released in early 2011.

The original R/C kit was released in 1988.

To commemorate 35 years in producing Radio Control products, this version of Tamiya's Avante (2011) off-road buggy now comes as a limited edition Black Special.

This special kit comes with Item 84256 Avante (2011) Racing Steering Set and Item 84257 Avante (2011) Torque Splitter Set.

Also included are: Item 53005 Avante Lightweight Narrow Wheels and Item 53006 Avante Lightweight Wide Wheels.

Specs and Features

1/10 scale R/C assembly kit.

Kit includes FREE BONUS PARTS (Lightweight Black Wheels: Front & Rear x 2pcs. each)

Carbon-fiber upper & lower decks and rear damper shock towers included.

Aluminum front steering knuckles offer increased strength and rigidity compared to the cast aluminum version offered with the 1988 release.

Included Spike tires are mounted on fluorescent pink wheels.

Includes a 25T brushed motor featuring a special label.



9/10/2012 4:50:45 AM

As a newcomer to four-wheel drive buggies, the Avante Black Special was bound to have a certain effect on me, whether it would influence what I would look for in another car or if it gave me ideas about four-wheel drive would be compared to two wheels.

I purchased the kit for $500 CAD before tax, which was very expensive for a racing car that today would be non-competitive. I got the sense, though, that this was not the reason people bought an Avante, and so I proceeded to hand over my money for that black and blue box.

Everything was beautifully-packaged and in great condition, presented in blister packs and boxes within boxes. This had to be one of the major appeals of the Avante today: that Tamiya would respect the car's history enough to present it unique to today's packaging conventions, no doubt bringing memories to those who owned an original. This was a Black Special, but that was besides the point.

I assembled this car with barely a flaw using the excellent manual, except for a broken 22T pinion and one stripped screw; both were eventually replaced. As a hint: the manual's technique of greasing tapping screw threads is absolutely essential.

My car was fitted with a Sport-Tuned motor as I was unsure of the kit-supplied GT-Tuned motor's 'all-weather capability' with that open endbell. With the Sport-Tuned and a spare 20T pinion I had around the car was still a rocket. My first run was at night; in the dark with only clouds of dust to discern the car's location, it really was a spaceship flying down the fields. It was magic!

Alas, parts do break more than your average Traxxas does, which is to say not a lot and only under hard driving. There were problem pieces like the rear wing (only if you flip the car multiple times as I had) and the front metal ball ends, which can strip if installed incorrectly. Screws that are not threadlocked that the manual specifies needs it will get lost, as will the screws on the front bumper extension even under light impact. I have yet to drive this car in track conditions, but I have been less-than-gentle to it and the car performs admirably still.

Other issues include tricky rear damper maintenance and problematic ball diffs. The former is held by a shaft that somehow refuses to pull out when needed, meaning the rear dampers are stuck to the lower rear arms. Damper maintenance itself is very easy, but accessing them can be an issue especially if the pistons need to be replaced. The ball diffs do need maintenance every few runs, and it is quite an affair with those micro-sized thrust bearing components. They do offer some advantages over the original geared units, but I would much prefer the latter.

But the stares! Little children run after it (I let them, because they never catch it on a charge!) as their fathers walk over and ask all kind of questions (they reminisce a lot about how they always wanted an Avante but never had the means - lucky me!). Everywhere I go I get attention; if not for the fact that I own an RC car, for the fact that the car represents one of Tamiya's revered designs. The other day it even proved useful in striking up a conversation with a girl I took a liking to - how many RC cars can do that?

Even for all its flaws, in the end anybody with any sort of attachment to this design will fall in love, and anybody who appreciates RC car history and unique cars will enjoy this car too. In the end I would say the $500 was well worth it.