Ferrari 599XX
Model Number: 58506


Q4 2011


4WD Belt

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RRP $419



Tamiya started the modern touring car standard with the TA-01, which was first released in 1992.
This 6th generation Tamiya 4WD touring car chassis kit places a focus on optimum weight distribution when paired with brushless motors and light weight batteries.
This new generation 4WD machine was also created using input from the World Championship TRF team.
The battery pack and motor are positioned along the centerline of the slim monocoque frame and the Dual-Drive system features belt-driven front and gear-driven rear wheels to provide efficient, yet sharp power transfer.
The front suspension can be assembled as an IFS setup with inboard dampers and rocker arms optimized for short reversible suspension arms or a standard outboard damper set up.
By using the IFS layout in the front you are able to use Tamiya sports car and touring car body sets with low slung noses.
With front and rear gear differential units also included, this chassis offers more customization possibilities and an extended maintenance cycle.

The body mounted on this standard spec TA-06 is the Ferrari 599XX.
In 2009, Ferrari unveiled the 599XX, an extreme circuit-only machine incorporating a number of innovative technologies taken from Ferrari's racing experience.
This machine featured exceptional performance as well as advanced electronics to help the driver record the best lap times possible on the track.
It also featured extensive use of carbon-fiber material as well as a 5,999cc V12 DOHC engine capable of 700 Horse power/9,000rpm matched with a 6-speed manual transmission.
It had a stylish, aerodynamic body and the 'ACTIFLOW' system which controlled airflow around the machine to provide increased down-force without extra drag.

Specs and Features

Oil filled Dampers

4WD, independent double wishbone suspension system

Dog-bone drive axles.

Low-Friction Drive Belts (174mm, 453mm)

Aluminum Motor Plate

Full Ball Bearings

Steel Turnbuckle Shafts

Steel Ball Connectors

Standard Servo Saver

The motor is installed at the mid-rear position which helps improve traction for the rear wheels.

Comes equipped with aluminum motor plate and aluminum spur gear holder from the TA-05 chassis platform.

Compatible with TA05 and TA06 touring car and sports car body sets

Suspension parts from the previous TA-05 platform are used on the new TA-06. (short reversible suspension, steering blocks, castor blocks and optional aluminum suspension mounts) are all transferable

Molded plastic parts are made of durable FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic)

Chassis battery compartment is compatible with NiCd, NiMh, LiFe and LiPo battery technologies.

The battery pack can be accessed from the underside of the chassis by removing the battery cover.

Two front suspension configurations: IFS (Inboard Front Suspension using rocker arms) and Standard outboard suspension is possible with the kit-included damper stay parts.

Polycarbonate Ferrari 599xx body included with stickers and window masking tape