TA05 M-Four Chassis Kit
Model Number: 84255


Q4 2011


4WD Belt

Chassis Description

TA05 M-Four

Body Type

None supplied



Original Price

RRP $616

Wheel Base




The Tamiya TA05 chassis has been a favorite mid-level 4WD touring car platform since 2005.

Tamiya has incorporated its proven components into a new, unique 1/12 scale R/C chassis design.

This chassis combines the TA05 2-belt driven 4WD drivetrain with a 210mm wheelbase (overall chassis length: 292mm) and has a carbon-fiber double deck layout.

It also features an aluminum motor mount which holds the front mid-ship motor and spur gear.

The TA05 gearboxes are equipped with oil-filled gear differential units (37T) and the suspension uses M-chassis components such as suspension arms, universal shafts, and aluminum dampers. Separate suspension mounts are used to enable easy suspension toe-angle adjustments as seen in many of Tamiya's touring car platforms.

The steering setup features durable aluminum components for precise control.

This chassis is designed for use with Item 55105 Tamiya LF Battery LF1100-6.6V Racing Pack (M-Size) Note: Battery is not imported into the USA.

See below for substitute compatible battery packs.

(TBA) The TA-05 M will be compatible with existing M-Chassis bodies that meet the 210mm wheelbase.

Specs and Features

M-chassis suspension arms and front uprights

4WD fully independent wishbone suspension

Separate suspension mounts enable toe-angle adjustment.

Universal drive shafts

TA05 oil-filled gear differential units allow a range of diff settings

Aluminum dampers are mounted to a durable 3mm thick carbon-fiber damper stay

TA05 front one-way and direct coupling can be installed. (Sold Separately)

Blue-anodized aluminum motor mount holds

380 motor

2-belt drivetrain layout uses an 18T center pulley

2.25mm thick lower and 2mm thick 2-piece upper deck.

Battery pack and R/C unit positions are interchangeable to adjust chassis weight distribution.

This chassis is compatible with current M-chassis bodies (short wheelbase) such as Item 50795 1/10 R/C Mini Cooper Racing Body Parts Set.

Use Item 55105 Tamiya LF Battery LF1100-6.6V Racing Pack (M-Size) as the power source. Note: Battery is not imported into the USA. Substitute battery (TBA)

Item 51237 Suzuki Swift Super 1600 Wheels (4pcs.) are included. Tires are sold separately.

The following existing option parts are available for customization:

Item 53833 TA05 Front One-Way Unit

Item 53877 TA05 Front Direct Coupling

Item 54212 M-Chassis 3x37mm Titanium Coated Suspension Shafts (2pcs.)

Item 54267 M-05 & M-06 Aluminum Rear Upright (2.0 degree)