Hotshot 2007 - Metallic Special
Model Number: 84265


Q4 2011


4WD Shaft

Body Type

Lexan, gold plated



Original Price

RRP $384



This is a Limited Edition assembly kit of the Hot Shot.

The standard Hot Shot was re-introduced in 2007 featuring up to date parts while remaining faithful to the original.

The limited edition features a special gold plated body, rear wing and wheels to commemorate the 35 years that Tamiya has been making R/C kit products.

Specs and Features

1/10 scale R/C assembly kit.

Kit includes FREE BONUS PARTS (1150 Ball Bearing x 8pcs.)

Metal-plated Polycarbonate Body and Rear Wing (comes pre-trimmed).

Gold-plated wheels included.

ABS resin monocoque frame features shaft-driven 4WD drive-train.

Dog bone type front/rear drive shafts.

Propeller shaft connects the front and rear gear cases

4-wheel double wishbone suspension is equipped with front and rear oil dampers.

Includes Tamiya TEU-104BK ESC

Includes 540-J brushed motor


Crash Cramer

5/19/2012 9:21:03 AM

Well, finally got around to building a Re Re HotShot and picked the Metallic special version to do it. Assuming Tamiya didn't change too much between 2007 and now, I am afraid I might not want to build my Re Re in a box, but I can feel okay about running the standard RE RE now. LOL Where do I start, first you have to realize I love the HotShot, maybe not as much as some other folks here on TC, but pretty much up there. That being said, let me get picky and/or point out my observations on this car. I shall start by saying that ANYONE who thinks re re cars have lessened the originals, they have NOTHING to fear from this kit as it has been changed COMPLETELY from the vintage and only a FOOOOOOL would think that there would be anything more than say the tires that can be authenticated NEW or Vintage. IMHO EVERY tree and most metal parts are too different from the vintage and therefore it would take a real gutsy seller to misrepresent any parts from this kit to be vintage. Saying that is only a FAVOR to you my Tamiya brothers as I don't want anyone to get taken on some new part represented to be old.
Now onto my version of picking on the build. I knew as soon as I dove into this box it would be tough as in pulling all the blasted staples from the bags of parts I poked myself with one of those stupid buggers and I was starting to both remember the old blister packaging and wishing for it too. We all know so much about the gearboxes on the re re, so I don't need to waste our time on that, but I REALLY have to shout about how much a pain in the butt the set plates were. I NEVER had that much trouble in changing my set plates when I was racing my HotShot, so i have no idea what Tamiya did to either the plates themselves or the rectangular hole. I also wasn't thrilled with the 'lop' in the front prop shaft when turning it after installation. I pushed and pulled it in and out just to see what was catching, but found nothing, so back in and flop around is all it will do as this is a shelfer for me.
In general, I kinda dig the charcoal finishes on the new hardware, seems the only metal bits that could even resemble their ancestors would be the longer screw pins for the front and rear arms. I still haven't figured out why Tamiya included TWO D trees with these RE RE kits, they don't even want you to use the steering knuckles in the original style and I don't know how many people would want the single shock surrounds. I don't even know if they are the same as the original as I haven't held it up to the vintage pieces I have. I also didn't like the really shaky feel I got when I put the front shock onto its perch, seemed like it needs some shims or something??? There are some cool touches too, the steering ball connectors or whatever they are called are neat in the charcoal color and they have a neat hex head instead of those horrible to deal with slot heads, but Tamiya should STILL include a 4mm fine pitch screw to use to start the threads into the OE style 3 hole uprights/knuckles. I am betting the HS2 and later uprights might already have threads in them, but I chose to use the OLD SCHOOL stuff as that is my style and I hate to see parts go to waste. Shocks are cool homage to the originals and seem like they might work better, but I bet I won't know for some time as I don't know when I will get around to building my other RE RE HS. Seems the stabilizer arms were a tiny bit thicker than the old and I can't tell any difference in the front stabilizer FRP arms, so that is a cool part that could be pawned off as old, but they shouldn't fetch crazy prices. Some of the other things that kinda bother me on this is the 'Flanged screws' or the screws that seem to have a washer already attached to them. In my opinion, these look cheap, like a cheap toy RC from the Walmart shelf!!!!! I am not a huge fan of this type of screw, but at least they made them in the charcoal color to match the others. I really don't like the 'DON'T DISPOSE' symbol emblazened on the front skid guard under the bumper. I don't think they did that to the first wave of re re HS, but I could be wrong as it has been some time since I have looked over all those parts in that kit. Interesting note on the front arms with the ball races and uprights and knuckles, they don't include any 2mm X 4mm screws for the recessed portion so there are two screws that stick up a bit when fully seated. The roll cage is another one of those changed parts, they have extra support braces under the wing stays. Interesting way to address a problem I don't remember haveing. I remember tearing up a wing or two, but I didn't have any problem with the actual wing mounts off the roll cage. This window netting is decent in its look, but it is a real pain to install on the roll cage. I think it took me near 45 minutes to install this stuff to a satisfactory look and eveness!!! I know, I must have OCD. I don't know yet, but I might try to figure out how to polish the new roof since it has too much matte finish for my liking. I don't know if it will polish to a nice chrome look or not, but I will try. As said before by others, the dummy heat sinks are a nice touch, but I think the plastic mount plates are a bit big, especially in comparison to the original FRP part. I wonder if Tamiya could have made them out of FRP to be closer to the originals?? The foam bits are cool additions to keep the battery from slinging around and I suppose that is why the small aluminum part originally used on the FRP battery door has been omitted. I got a flashback when I was putting all the screws in the rollcage as they didn't all 'bottom out' just like the old ones. Most of them stopped spinning, so not that bad, but still thought it was a problem that shouldn't happen on the new stuff as loose screws will get lost when running out in the dirt. This kit is best built on a white surface thanks to the dark color screws, but I bet those are going to be near impossible to find at the track or out on the asphalt. It was easier to find screws when they were silver and that funny gold/yellow/green coated color, but progress I suppose. Another funny thing, the assembly manual shows the ball plates with only 3 screw holes for 2mm screws, yet once again, mine have 6 holes, 3 of which are threaded for screws. That should sum up my scathing review of the new HotShot. I don't hate it and I still have some things to do to mine to finish it up the way my mind sees it, but it did take me back a few years and was a nice build and the metallic finish on the body and wing is simply astounding. I wouldn't know how to begin to paint one like it and I kinda hope they make a metallic special SUPER HOT SHOT as I might pick that up, as long as they do it in chrome, perhaps charcoal chrome???? Are you listening Tamiya????