TRF417X Chassis Kit
Model Number: 42205


Q4 2011


4WD Belt

Chassis Description


Body Type

None Supplied


540 (not supplied)

Original Price

RRP $967



This is the latest spec TRF 417 machine.

The main enhancements incorporate subtle revisions.

A newly-designed lower deck offers improved chassis flexibility for better low-speed traction.

The previous one-piece motor mount has been replaced with a three-piece type to allow further adjustment of chassis' flexibility by linking them together.

The thickness of the front and rear damper stays have been increased to 3.5mm and other new developments include a new upper deck, metal battery holders which serve as counterweights, and low-height kingpins.

Front direct coupling and rear gear diff unit (Item 42197 TRF417 Gear Differential Unit II) are included in this latest spec version.

Specs and Features

State of the Art TRF (Tamiya Racing Factory) competition level touring car chassis

4WD dual belt drive system

4-wheel independent suspension system with carbon reinforced plastic parts

Universal drive shafts

Aluminum 5mm hex hubs for wheel mounting (industry standard size, fits all 24mm Tamiya wheels and most aftermarket brands)

Camber, castor, toe-IN/OUT, roll-center, anti-dive/anti squat, shock angle, wheel-base, track width are all fully adjustable

Battery compartment accommodates LiPo and LiFe hard case battery packs

Carbon fiber upper and lower decks (Newly designed lower deck)

Machined aluminum (TRF blue anodized) suspension blocks, bulk-heads and motor plate parts

Full ball bearings (Teflon Sealed)

Aluminum threaded turnbuckles (TRF blue anodized)

TRF417 Gear Differential Unit II x 1pc.

Front direct spool

Fits 190mm touring car and sports car body sets (note: Some Tamiya TA-05 IFS low nose body sets intended for the TA-05 V2 or TA-06 may be too low to fit the TRF417's front end due to its stand up shock design)

TRF aluminum threaded dampers with Teflon pistons and cartridge components

Includes front and rear sway bar set

New piece: Three-piece motor mount allows adjustment of chassis rigidity and new positions of motor attachment holes enable a wider choice of gear ratios to better suit your track or racing class.

Damper stays have damper attachment slots to allow fine setting adjustment. Increased thickness of 3.5mm offers improved damper attachment rigidity for greater damper effectiveness.

The upper and lower deck have been reshaped to achieve improved flexibility. These are interchangeable with the original TRF417 upper and lower decks to adjust chassis roll characteristics.

Kit includes FREE BONUS PARTS (Touring Car Damper Spring x 4pcs.)

Late 2011 production only.