XV-01 Pro Chassis Kit
Model Number: 58526




4WD Belt


Fully independent double wishbone

Chassis Description


Body Type

None Supplied


None Supplied




front:None Supplied
Rear:None Supplied

This is a PRO-spec version of the R/C 4WD XV-01 chassis.

XV stands for Crossover Vehicle. As the name implies this vehicle is intended to serve as a common all-terrain platform which can be used for rally cars, on-road cars, and pick-up trucks.

It is equipped with covers to protect the drivetrain and R/C units from dirt and debris and its suspension provides a ground clearance of over 10mm.

The motor is mounted at the front and power is delivered via a drive belt to the front/rear gearboxes, which are equipped with gear differential units.

The PRO spec kit comes with plenty of Option Parts as standard equipment.


Terrain use: multi-purpose

Drive-train: 4WD

Drive type: multi

Drive line: universal

Differential type: gear

Suspension: fully independent double wishbone

Steering mechanism: bell-crank

Shock damper: oil-filled damper

Shock damper material: plastic

Tire type: rubber

Tire tread: radial

Body material: n/a

ESC: not included

LED Light buckets: no

LED lights: no

Motor type: not included

Bearings: sealed ball bearing

Chassis material: plastic

Sticker material: n/a

Internal gear ratio:

Adjustable camber: yes

Adjustable toe angles: front and rear

Adjustable ride height: yes

Adjustable gear ratio: yes

Adjustable wheelbase: n/a

Adjustable track width: n/a

Adjustable shock angle: yes

Anti-squat adjustment: n/a

Droop adjustment: n/a

Special features: Dust covers for debris protection for radio gear

Requires: 7.2 battery & charger, wheels, tires, body set, motor, esc, polycarbonate paint, radio gear, servo, receiver


Front-mounted motor is housed in a gearbox which has been designed for ease of maintenance.

Separately available Slipper Clutch Set (Item 54378)

Radio gear components are protected by covers that are secured by screws.

The ESC space features a detachable cover which incorporates ducts for heat dissipation.

Wheel well liners help deflect dirt and debris.

A hatch on the underside of the XV-01 chassis enables quick access to the battery.

Holes in the chassis bottom help remove any debris which may block steering movement during off-road use.

Reversible-type rear suspension ensures plenty of suspension stroke for off-road driving.

The separate suspension mount also makes it easy to change settings such as Toe Angle.