Neo Scorcher
Model Number: 58568


Q2 2013


4WD Shaft


Fully independent double wishbone

Chassis Description


Body Type




Original Price

MSRP: $215



This is the first off-road buggy to be released on the new TT-02B chassis platform.

The TT-02B is based on the TT-02 entry level multi-purpose platform designed to be easy to assemble for first time R/C kit builders.

While the main tub chassis and 4WD shaft drive-train are the same as the TT-02, the suspension is new to accommodate off-road rugged running.


Scale: 1/10

Construction type: assembly kit

Terrain use: off-road

Drive-train: 4WD

Drive type: gearbox

Drive line: dog bone

Differential type: gear

Suspension: fully independent double wishbone

Steering mechanism: bell-crank

Shock damper: oil-filled damper

Shock damper material: plastic

Tire type: rubber

Tire tread: pin spike

Body material: Polycarbonate

Chassis material: plastic


LED Light buckets: no

LED lights: no

Motor: 540-brushed type

Bearings: plastic bushing

Adjustable camber: fixed

Adjustable toe angles: front only

Adjustable ground clearance: yes

Adjustable gear ratio: yes

Adjustable wheelbase: fixed

Adjustable track width: fixed

Adjustable shock angle: fixed

Includes 540 RS Torque Tuned Motor

Uses the TT-02 base bathtub main chassis and drive-train for easy maintenance

Longitudinally-placed battery and R/C gear placed flat for a low center of gravity

Uses robust plastic dogbones for high durability and easy maintenance

Includes sealed compartment to keep dirt and debris from receiver.

Requires: 2-channel radio gear, 7.2 battery & charger, polycarbonate paint



8/11/2013 6:26:58 AM

The Neo Scorcher is one of the first models released by Tamiya on their new TT-02B chassis, a buggy variant of their TT-02 entry-level touring car chassis. While the off-road chassis is still very fresh as this review is being written, I have had enough good fortune to experience building it.

I have never constructed an entry-level RC car, Striker aside, but it was immediately apparent that the TT-02B has what it takes to become a very popular beginner's car, in either on-road or off-road configurations. All plastic parts are very sturdy and shockingly rugged - my F1 car's plastic feel alarmingly flexible by comparison! Specific pieces are fibre-reinforced, which is vital for durability, and neophytes will come to appreciate that should they be learning to drive with a TT-02B. The chassis is thoughtfully-designed and easily-assembled, though oil dampers may prove to be a little difficult to set up properly for a rookie.

If a TT-02B does not appeal in its utility, then the photogenic Neo Scorcher body mounted on it should help win fans for looks. A clean and sharp paint scheme inspired by the original Terra Scorcher is very appealing on this body, which does well to hide its bulky shape required to cover the chassis. White sections, stripes, and windows are recreated using decals; these are likely better just painted on, using masking to achieve the desired effect.

My experience with this new chassis is in fact with my cousin's car, which I helped him acquire. I know this is the perfect car to start him into the hobby with, while I also confess to being a bit jealous since it looks like so much fun! The car has not been driven yet, but with tough plastic construction, simple construction, easy maintenance, and a good-looking bodyshell to cover it, how could I not fancy one myself?

I would recommend this car, then, for anybody either looking to start into the hobby or anyone who just wants a reliable basher to drive around. Me, I am quietly envious of my cousin and his new Neo Scorcher...