Zakspeed Ford Capri Gr.5
Model Number: 58590


Q1 2014


4WD - Shaft


Fully independent double wishbone

Chassis Description


Body Type

Lexan/Polycarb (Clear)


540 Torque Tuned

Original Price

MSRP: $227



The Zakspeed Ford Capri Turbo Gr.5 was powered by a 4-cylinder DOHC engine and had an instantly-recognizable low and wide form.

A 1982 version of the car was decked out in distinctive orange J├Ągermeister livery and driven to a second place finish in the Salzburg round of the German Racing Championship by the German driver Klaus Ludwig.

Tamiya has faithfully reproduced this sleek racing machine in 1/10 scale on the TT-02 entry level touring car chassis.

The TT-02 chassis platform is the successor to the TT-01 as it incorporates many new features to make it even easier for the new R/C kit builder to assemble and learn from.

The TT-02 chassis performs well as cornering and overall speed has been enhanced to take advantage of new electronics available on the market.

In addition to the TT-02 being an ideal platform to start from, R/C hobbyists can expand its potential by adding many of the Ho-Up-Options available to increase the cars speed and performance.


Scale: 1/10

Construction type: assembly kit

Terrain use: on-road

Drive-train: 4WD

Drive type: shaft

Drive line: dog bone

Differential type: gear

Suspension: fully independent double wishbone

Steering mechanism: bell-crank

Shock damper: friction damper

Shock damper material: plastic

Tire type: rubber

Tire tread: slick

Body material: Polycarbonate

Chassis material: plastic


LED Light buckets: yes

LED lights: no

Motor: 540-brushed type

Bearings: plastic bushing

Adjustable camber: fixed

Adjustable toe angles: front only

Adjustable ground clearance: yes

Adjustable gear ratio: yes

Adjustable wheelbase: yes

Adjustable track width: yes

Adjustable shock angle: yes

Brake disc-shaped, wheel hubs which add to the chassis' highly realistic appearance

The 4-wheel independent double wishbone suspension features friction dampers and uses identical L/R suspension arms and uprights for ease of assembly and maintenance

Both the motor and the battery are longitudinally-placed in the ABS resin chassis for excellent balance

Upright assembly can be changed to give the chassis an extra 4mm of travel for Rally racing

Includes Tamiya TBLE-02S ESC (capable of running brushed and brushless motors)

Includes 540 Torque Tuned motor

Requires: 2-channel radio gear, 7.2v battery & charger, polycarbonate paint