M05 Ver.II PRO Chassis Kit
Model Number: 58593


Q2 2014


Front Wheel Drive


Fully independent double wishbone

Chassis Description


Body Type

Not supplied


Not supplied

Original Price

MSRP $269




Adjustable - 324mm(S) 339mm(M) 353mm(L)

Wheel Base

Adjustable - 210mm(S) 225mm(M) 239mm(L)




front:Not included
Rear:Not Included

The Tamiya M-05 M-Chassis platform receives a significant makeover with the introduction of the NEW M-05 Version II Pro!

The M-05 chassis, which was released in 2009, has been a favorite platform for M-chassis club racers for years.

The new tweaks and enhancements take advantage of new battery technologies as well as tried and true suspension tweaks used in many of Tamiya's touring car platforms.

Furthermore, it features a number of upgrades, to improve balance and lower the chassis' center of gravity, using a variety of option parts to make it a highly drivable radio control car.

Semi-gloss black metal-plated monocoque and wheels - Compatible with square-shaped battery packs and low-profile servos

One-piece suspension arms - Can be used to adjust rebound stroke

M-05 Ver.II aluminium Motor Mount

53924 DF-03 Heat Sink Bar Set

54179 M-05 Ball Bearing Set

54193 M-05 aluminium Steering Post (Blue)

54195 M-05 aluminium Turnbuckle Steering Rod (Blue)

54408 M-05 aluminium Servo Mount (Blue)

51000 Hi-Torque Servo Saver (Black)

50746 CVA Super Mini Shock Units

Terrain use: On-Road

Drive-train: 2WD FWD

Drive type: Gearbox

Drive line: Dog bone

Differential type: Gear

Suspension: Fully independent double wishbone

Steering mechanism: Bell-crank

Shock damper: Oil-filled damper

Shock damper material: Plastic

Tire type: Not included

Tire tread: N/A

Body: Not included

Chassis material: Plastic

LED Light buckets: No

LED lights: No

Motor: N/A

Bearings: Shielded ball bearing

Adjustable camber: Fixed

Adjustable toe angles: Front only

Adjustable ground clearance: Yes

Adjustable gear ratio: Yes

Adjustable wheelbase: Yes

Adjustable track width: Fixed

Adjustable shock angle: Fixed

New Feature: The chassis is compatible with square-shaped battery packs.

New aluminium motor mount designed specifically for the M-05 V.2 chassis.

Chassis, D parts (arm stays and damper stays, etc.) and wheels have a Semi-Gloss Black metal-plated finish.

The motor is fitted to a newly-designed mount and has been moved 4.5mm closer to the center of the chassis when compared to the original M-05.

Improved weight distribution and sharper steering response.

New suspension arms: one-piece suspension arms are made from reinforced plastic.

New suspension arms have rebound adjustment with the use of a simple set screw.

Low Profile Servo Compatibility.

The servo attachment position has been shifted 8mm downwards to secure a lower center of gravity.

Requires: 2-channel radio gear & electronic speed contro, 7.2v battery & charger, Body set, Tires