TRF201 Chassis Kit
Model Number: 42203





Fully independent double wishbone

Chassis Description


Body Type

Lexan/Polycarb Clear


Not included

Original Price

MSRP $583




front:Not Included
Rear:Not Included

The TRF201 has demonstrated its superior performance and build quality around the world at many R/C 2WD buggy competitions.

In order to bring out further value and setting options to the racer, the TRF201 now comes equipped with an Upgrade Set which conveniently includes a number of high-spec Option Parts.

Please see 'specification' for details on the included upgrade set.

About the TRF201

The TRF201 electric 2WD buggy is Tamiya's top-of-the-line off-road racing kit.

It joins a prestigious fleet of kits as part of the Tamiya Racing Factory stable of super high performance racing kits.

The specifications, features and materials used in the kit are industry standard with Tamiya's unique style and spin included.

The gearbox is equipped with a ball differential which features inch sized diff balls (12pcs.), 2.6mm dia. diff screw, and newly designed thrust ball bearings.

The diff. carrier features a new tooth shape to ensure long-lasting performance.

Suspension is fitted with assembly universal shafts.

Aeration dampers feature new coil springs.

Suspension has been designed to achieve excellent handling performance.

Front axles are compatible with wheels using metric size ball bearings (Front axles or wheels using inch size ball bearings, please use Item 54220).

The body has aerodynamics that will assist in providing superior control over your chassis and features a beautiful flowing design.

Wing set comes with 2 kinds of wings to further customize your settings. (Body and Wing included in USA market)

Chassis frame is made from fiberglass reinforced nylon resin and features a longitudinal battery position.

Rear section is designed for optimized chassis roll balance.

Chassis shaped is designed for an improved center of gravity whilst providing sufficient ground clearance.


Construction type: assembly kit

Terrain use: off-road

Drive-train: 2WD

Drive type: gearbox

Drive line: universal

Differential type: ball pressure plate

Suspension: fully independent double wishbone

Steering mechanism: bell-crank

Shock damper: oil-filled damper

Shock damper material: aluminium

Tire type: not included

Body material: Clear Polycarbonate

Chassis material: CRP (Carbon reinforced plastic)

Electronic Speed Control (ESC) : not included

LED Light buckets: no

Motor: not included

Bearings: shielded ball bearing

Adjustable camber: yes

Adjustable toe angles: front and rear

Adjustable ground clearance: yes

Adjustable gear ratio: yes

Adjustable wheelbase: fixed

Adjustable track width: fixed

Adjustable shock angle: yes

TRF201 Body Ver.1 (Lightweight, Exclusive to this kit) x 1pc.

Item 54225 TRF201 Lightweight Heat Sink Motor Plate x 1pc.

Item 54262 TRF201 Reinforced 52T Ball Differential Gear Set x 1pc.

Carbon Battery Plate (New Part) x 1pc.

Note: The included lightweight TRF201 body is exclusive to this kit variant release. Rear wing sold separately.

Requires: 7.2v battery & charger, 2-channel radio gear & electronic speed control, motor, polycarbonate paint, tires