Ford Mondeo
Model Number: 58143




2WD Front, balldiff


4 Wheel double wishbones with coilover oilfilled shocks

Chassis Description

FF01, ABS Bathtub

Body Type

Lexan with styrene mirrors



Wheel Base





front:rubber slicks
Rear:rubber slicks

Paul Radisich's BTCC mount. Few people will forget what Nigel Mansell did to one of these cars when running for Ford in the BTCC! A nicely moulded replica of this popular BTCC racer. Tamiya have mounted it on the popular FF01 chassis. (Description by acprc)


Gates Mini Racing

7/17/2003 4:10:23 PM

My first ever tamiya!

Great fun to drive, and very fast. The car has a great chassis and it is a shame that it has now been phased out. The cars bucket style chassis generates a low down well balenced driving sensation, with very good all round oil shocks, allowing the car to lean when cornering at speeds. The car pulls along nicely and steers well, much aided by the location of the motor infront of the front wheels, which helps by adding weight to the front aiding the nose in pulling the car forward on straights and in turns. also in its favour is the way that the gearbox is located so that it is easily accesable, meaning that it easy to grease etc.

The motor at the front however can cause problems with damage, which is also the problem for the front bumper and also the motor sump, which is although well placed, low to the ground leaving the chassis not very well protected. The sump on my car has recieved a great deal of damage when on gravelly tarmack, causing erosion at the front end, resulting in an new set of screws and a home made aluminium sump guard, which fitted by screwing into the front bumper, so that it was removable for competition purposes. This too is now greatly scratched and chips and is a testament to the job it does to protect the chassis. There is also not a great deal of rear end protection, meaning that if you get hit from behind, it is possible to get the body damaged.

The cars good points however ultimately outway the bad ones, generating a car which is fun to drive, fast, easy to handle and maintain, a great first car for "learning" and an all round great car, and pretty attractive too once it has been finished!