Chevy S-10
Model Number: 58146




4WD shaftdrive, gear diff front and ball diff rear


4 Wheel double wishbones with coilover oilfilled shocks

Chassis Description

TA01/TA02 mix, ABS Bathtub

Body Type




Wheel Base






12/19/2006 5:12:07 PM

The S10's wheels, tires and body are its good points, its main weak point is the chassis. It is a great looking vehicle but in my opinion the TA01/02 hybrid chassis doesn't really do the job. It is a durable vehicle and fairly easy to work on, but handling is nothing exciting and it usually noses down on jumps. The plastic motor mount tends to break around the screw holes, but at least it has several pinion options. Speed is acceptable but not particularly quick, and it picks up mud worse than a TL-01.


8/24/2003 3:18:15 AM

I've Had this truck for a Number of years now and it's still kicken. The Trucks Gear Boxes are Extreeeemly durable. Chassis is also Durable even though it's based on an on road chassis. Building isn't really harder than any other 4wd tamiya model.
As For the performance, again with the durable gears I put an eleven turn motor in it with no problem. The Handleing is great with the exeption of slowing down to turn or ROLL! But Still It Continues to be a great runner. It Really can't jump anything over an ant hill. This trucks wieght seems like it was never made to jump. The truck seems to be front heavy.
My over all opinion of the truck is great for the baseball diamond, gravel parking lot ect, rolls to easy on paived roads. To fast not to jump, even know I know it will crash however i also know it will not get broken...


3/20/2003 2:12:09 AM

I've had an S-10 since December 2002. I was actually quite unhappy when I first won the auction, but have changed my mind since then. Mine came assembled with the MSC and stock motor.

The S-10 is almost identical to the Ford F-150(not SR and Toyota Pre-Runner. The body is lexan, with the design of an off-road racing truck, as opposed to a real Chevy S-10 that you would see on the street. It comes with a nice set of chrome rims and those beautiful BF Goodrich tires which it shares with some of the XC cars. Overall, it's not that much to look at, compared to some other Tamiya trucks, but it is way, way nicer than a stadium racer truck from Associated, Losi etc.

My S-10 was my snow car for the winter of 2002-2003. I covered the electronics with plastic wrap and tape and went driving. The only thing I needed to do was take apart the MSC and clean up the electrical contacts when they started to corrode due to the mositure. The car was usually covered and filled with snow after running.

The gearboxes are great. You can replace all of the gears without removing any tires or significant parts othe car. Just remove the 4 (3?) gearbox covers and the gears pop right out.

It's alot of fun to drive, even with the stock motor, it accelerates quickly and turns well if you let off the throttle. Unlike a 2wd, flipping the MSC into reverse cause the car to slide straight, instead of spin out. It handles small jumps pretty well, however, I don't think it would survive any significant jumping.