M-05 Ver.II R Chassis Kit
Model Number: 84424


Q1 2016




Fully independent double wishbone

Chassis Description


Body Type

Not Included


Not Included

Original Price

MSRP $313




front:Not Included
Rear:Not Included

This is a refined, race-spec version of the popular M-05 Ver.II PRO chassis.

It features new, dedicated M-Chassis double-cardan drive shafts, plus a number of option parts including TRF short aluminium dampers.

Numerous aluminium parts in the kit have a cool black anodized finish to make the R-Spec version stand out!

The M-05 chassis, which was released in 2009, has been a favorite platform for M-chassis club racers for years.

The Version 2 tweaks the proven M-05 with enhancements that take advantage of new battery technologies as well as tried and true suspension adjustments used in many of Tamiya's touring car platforms.

Furthermore, it features a number of upgrades, to improve balance and lower the chassis' center of gravity, making it a highly drivable FWD radio control car.

Featured Components

M-Chassis Double-Cardan Drive Shafts (universals)

M-05 Lightweight Aluminium Battery Holders (Black)

Aluminium Motor Mount (Black)

M-05 Aluminium Turnbuckle Steering Rod (Black)

M-05Ra Chassis Uprights

Hex Screws

M-05 Aluminium Steering Posts (Black)

M-05 Aluminium Servo Mount (Black)

Included Hop-Up-Option Parts

54179 M-05 Ball Bearing Set

54277 M-Chassis Reinforced Gear Set

54409 3x14mm Low Friction Step Screw (4pcs.)

54613 M-05 Ver.II Stainless Steel Sus Shaft Set

54237 M-05 Low Friction King Pin (4pcs.)

54319 M-Chassis Lightweight Hollow Shaft Set

54606 M-05 Ver.II 1-Piece Lower Suspension Arm Set

51000 Hi-Torque Servo Saver (Black)

Construction type: Assembly kit

Terrain use: On-Road

Drive-train: 2WD FWD

Drive type: Gearbox

Drive line: Universal

Differential type: Gear

Suspension: Fully independent double wishbone

Steering mechanism: Bell-crank

Shock damper: Oil-filled damper

Shock damper material: Aluminium

Tire type: Not included

Tire tread: N/A

Body material: Not included

Chassis material: Plastic

Electronic Speed Control (ESC) : Not included

ESC model: N/A

LED Light buckets: No

LED lights: No

Motor: Not included

Bearings: Sealed ball bearing

Adjustable camber: Fixed

Adjustable toe angles: Front only

Adjustable ground clearance: Yes

Adjustable gear ratio: Yes

Adjustable wheelbase: Yes

Adjustable track width: Fixed

Adjustable shock angle: Fixed

Newly-designed M-Chassis double cardan drive shafts minimize power loss.

TRF short dampers give superb cushioning and maximize chassis traction.

M-05Ra type uprights ensure that the chassis has optimized cornering characteristics.

Hex screws are employed for secure attachment of parts.

Compatible with square-shaped battery packs & low-profile servos.

Combination of black anodized metal parts and dark plastic molded parts.

Requires2-channel radio gear, 7.2v battery & charger, Wheels, tires, body set, motor, esc, Polycarbonate paint