TB Evo.6 MS Chassis Kit
Model Number: 84427


Q1 2016


4WD (Shaft)


Fully independent double wishbone

Chassis Description


Body Type

Not Included


Not Included

Original Price

MSRP $719




front:Not Included
Rear:Not Included

The TB Evolution line of shaft-drive 4WD racing machines began its lineage in the year 2000.

Since that time, the machines released in subsequent years have evolved.

The TB EVO 6 continues that tradition of evolution by introducing new design elements and proven parts from many of Tamiya's other 4WD touring car platforms.

The TB EVO 6 shares the same drive train as seen in the TB-04 tub chassis machine, which uses a horizontally positioned motor for optimal balance of torque displacement.
TRF designers have also incorporated other enhancements to bring club racers the perfect weapon for spec-motor club racing.
These enhancements include suspension parts from the TRF418, and parts carried over from the TB-04.

The TB Evo.6 MS takes things a step further!

It features a number of aluminium parts, plus Big-Bore dampers.
The end result is a highly-tuned performance car, which is right at home on high traction race tracks.

Featured Components:

Aluminium Lower Deck

Aluminium Motor Mount

Aluminium Big Bore Short Dampers

Aluminium Suspension Mounts

Carbon Fiber Upper Deck

Carbon Fiber Damper Stays

Front Direct Drive

Rear Gear Differential Unit

TRF418 Suspension Parts

Construction type: Assembly kit

Terrain use: On-Road

Drive-train: 4WD

Drive type: Shaft

Drive line: Universal

Differential type: Gear

Suspension: Fully independent double wishbone

Steering mechanism: Bell-crank

Shock damper: Oil-filled damper

Shock damper material: Aluminium

Tire type: Not included

Tire tread: N/A

Body material: Not included

Chassis material: Aluminium

Electronic Speed Control (ESC) : Not included

ESC model: N/A

LED Light buckets: No

LED lights: No

Motor: Not included

Bearings: Shielded ball bearing

Adjustable camber: Yes

Adjustable toe angles: Front and rear

Adjustable ground clearance: Yes

Adjustable gear ratio: Yes

Adjustable wheelbase: Yes

Adjustable track width: Yes

Adjustable shock angle: Yes

Aluminium lower deck (was carbon fiber on original Version 1 spec kit) is excellently suited to high-grip surfaces, e.g. carpet.

The aluminium motor mount, which secures motor and center bevel, incorporates a new precision design for superior durability.

Comes equipped with newly-designed aluminium short dampers, for superb cushioning and traction.

Aluminium part designs have been refined to squeeze maximum performance from the chassis.

Requires: 2-channel radio gear, 7.2v battery & charger, Wheels, tires, body set, motor, esc, Polycarbonate paint