Sand Scorcher
Model Number: 58016




Rear 2WD


Swingarms rear w/torsion bars, trailing arms front with hairpin springs, oil filled metal dampers

Chassis Description

GRP w/aluminium stiffener, waterresistant radiobox

Body Type

Hard plastic


Mabuchi RS-540

Original Price

19000 Yen







Wheel Base



2,200 grams




front:Semipneumatic rubber tire
Rear:Semi pneumatic rubber sand tire

The sand scorcher is the most collectable of all the tamiya buggies with mint unused examples worth around $1000+ , Body parts can be difficult to source and they are one of the harder paint jobs to do . (Description by Synchrocnc)



1/21/2007 8:51:43 PM

WOW, i never beleived that these cars were so cool, but , yes they are!!! These cars are to die for, they make excellent runners, despite their age, i really honestly cant think of one floor with this car, its a true tamiya,,,,FUN FUN FUN! ! ! My suggestion is that EVERY one or more, ,,,,especially as they are waterproof,,,,,,,you can run them any where,,,,lets hope tamiya re release these buggys,,,,,i would buy 3,,,,all in all,,,,,,sand scorchers RULE!!!


11/25/2003 11:46:44 AM

This is a totaly biassed review but I don't care. And once again what more can be said, so I can only add that this is the most acurate working scale model of the VW Beetle EVER! I can forgive tamiya for using torson springs instead of beams and having 3 front suspension tubes instead of 2 and wishbone rear arms instead of trailing, as the overall effect is to die for!!

I just completed my first 100% newbuild and stepping back to look at it for the first time left me speechless. 'Its a toy car' I keep telling myself but never listen.

My ss obsession started with real Bajas and and buggies so as soon as I saw the Scorcher it became my life mission to own one and it only took 23 YEARS! at 18 I managed to build a real one in 2.

The scorcher is like the beetle itself, it has its flaws but love it or hate it you can't deny it's something special unique and revolutionary (I aknowlege the latter aplies more to RR), and also the most expensive ornament I own.


11/27/2002 12:26:27 AM

There's not a lot that can be said about Tamiya's Sand Scorcher that hasn't been mentioned before, everyone knows the magical effect it induces, if anyone hit the nail on the head with a particular car, then Tamiya did it with this one. It's just so good.

Building one from new in 1983 (well I helped my dad) was just the coolest thing, then running it around the park with everyone looking at it (not many quality RC cars around in the early eighties, especially ones that could plough through water!) is a fond memory.

I can remember getting through numerous front bumpers and rear gaurds and the lugs on the radio box that the cam locks fit in used to break easily when you tried to force the lid shut, otherwise it was a very tough little buggy and more than capable of handling the abuse a teenager could give it!

Marks out of 10.... 11


11/4/2002 6:22:05 PM

After finally getting one of these cars, I have found out what all the fuss is about. I found myself constantly looking at it, it is so realistic, and just has an aura about it. Sure it's not up to today's handling and speed specs, but that's what it makes it fun. This car to me represents what really got the R/C hobby going, realistic looking models that were challenging, yet fun to drive. I hope I keep mine forever.


10/20/2002 5:33:04 PM

I have been fortunate to own a few of these cars, none have been totally complete, but the best car was bought for 20 pounds a few months ago.
Missing the exhaust, nose cone, and mirrors, and also having a amateur paint job meant it didnt look too good.
It also had been drilled in the sides to fit a monster beetle chassis.
On the plus side, the original glass was there in excellent condition, and also both door handles and body mount.
The chassis came with an excellent radio box, all cam locks were there, and just needed a clean.

My previous cars were just chassis', but i managed to acquire a blitzer beetle shell, and that had the pleasure of being mounted on my favourite chassis.
Using ranger rear wheels/tires, and grasshopper 2 front wheels/tires, it didnt look excellent but ran ok.
They might not be quick, but the speed was adequate, and handling left a lot to be desired. But it doesnt stop this car being fun.

My 20 pound scorcher is nearing the end of its restoration, and is looking great.
I spent alot of time preparing the shell for paint, and spraying a few light coats instead of one thick one brough great results.
The sand scorcher's realistic body cries out to be painted properly, and once its done is a sight to be seen.
Any of you who havent had the chance to own one of these cars really need to get one sooner or later, they are just brilliant.
Apart from the Hilux 4x4,this is probably the most realistic car Tamiya have produced.


10/20/2002 4:52:52 PM

For me and a lot of others, this car represents the golden age of Tamiya RC models. Technically not the greatest and certainly not the fastest or best handling, but for every 30 something RC enthusiast out there there is a fond memory of this car.

Parts are still relatively easy to find if you have the money. Now days if you shop around you can end up paying anywhere between $2.00 to £2000 for one of these models depending where you find it. Indicators, bodies, wipers, windshields, radio boxes and exhausts are like gold dust.