TA02RS 4WD Chassis Kit
Model Number: 58157





8/10/2007 4:40:40 PM

I really love this chassis - In my opinion it's one of Tamiya's crowning achievements - I find it quite remarkable that they could take the newly redesigned Manta Ray chassis and evolve it into something that literally created a whole new genre of RC.

To me, the TA02 RS might be considered the Swan song for this hugely successful line of touring cars. It's everything that the TA01 needed, and none of the fluff. Speed tuned gear set, rear stabilizer, tuned springs, reinforced driveshaft, and a front one-way are the standard options included in the kit. You also get a couple less-necessary extras like stainless suspension shafts and light weight king pins. Unfortunately no bearings or the obligatory aluminum motor mount though. (I suppose this kit was still being produced during the days of astronomically expensive bearings, but the motor mount in my opinion was a glaring oversight. ) True to racer form is the absence of a motor; apparently a decision that is left to the driver. A chassis that's truly bred for racing -- Some might even say it's the first of the TRFs...

Whatever you consider it, it's hard to argue the beauty of the thing. Lovely all-black plastics - including the typically red front and rear gear cases, contrasted with the white 'Gram Lite' replica wheels. Standard width in front, and fat wides in the rear... Oh yeah!! Too bad Tamiya abandoned this wheel and tire configuration because it really looks the business!