Mercedes-Benz G 320 Cabrio (Silver Painted Body)
Model Number: 58635


Q2 2016


4WD (Shaft)


Fully independent double wishbone

Chassis Description


Body Type

Lexan/Polycarb Pre-painted



Original Price

MSRP $272



The Mercedes Benz G320 Cabrio was a G Class series vehicle that was sold between 1997 and 2001.
While many G Series cars were produced, this version featured a soft convertible top and was based on a short wheelbase version of the chassis.

The Tamiya radio control replica is featured on the 4WD MF-01X chassis with a pre-painted body that just needs the stickers applied and accessories attached.

About the MF-01X:

Power is transmitted from the rear mounted motor to the front wheels via a propeller shaft that runs down the side of the MF- 01X. Gearboxes are integrated into the monocoque for a sturdy and easy-to-assemble structure.

The MF-01X has a three-section make-up; changing the central spacer section enables short
(210mm), middle (225mm), and long (239mm) wheelbases.

The Mercedes-Benz G 320 uses the long wheelbase configuration.

Construction type: Assembly kit

Terrain use: On-Road

Drive-train: 4WD

Drive type: Gearbox

Drive line: Dog bone

Differential type: Gear

Suspension: Fully independent double wishbone

Steering mechanism: Direct servo

Shock damper: Friction damper

Shock damper material: Plastic

Tire type: Rubber

Tire tread: Radial

Body material: Polycarbonate

Chassis material: Plastic

LED Light buckets: No

LED lights: No

Motor: 540-brushed type

Bearings: Plastic bushing

Adjustable camber: Fixed

Adjustable toe angles: Front only

Adjustable ground clearance: Yes

Adjustable gear ratio: Yes

Adjustable wheelbase: Yes

Adjustable track width: Fixed

Adjustable shock angle: Fixed

Length: 385mm, width: 178mm, height: 175mm

The G 320 Cabrio body is expertly captured in lightweight, durable polycarbonate

Side mirrors are recreated using separately molded plastic parts

The 4WD MF-01X chassis has a rear mounted motor, and uses a prop shaft to transmit power to the front wheels. It features a robust, easy to maintain monocoque frame. It is at home on road and flat dirt surfaces

This model uses the L wheelbase (239mm). The chassis can be set up in S (210mm) and M (225mm) wheelbases using separately-sold propeller shafts

A range of option parts are available to hop up the MF-01X chassis, including lightweight, rigid aluminium propeller shafts

Requires: 2-channel radio gear, 7.2v battery & charger