Alpine A110
Model Number: 58168




2WD Rear Wheels


Four wheel independant double wishbone

Chassis Description

ABS Monocoque

Body Type

Clear Lexan



A perfect reproduction of the French 1971 Monte Carlo Rally winner. An extremely detailed body makes this Tamiya kit worth having just to look at!



10/20/2004 7:32:48 PM

I disagree with the first poster also. The body on this car is superb. The attention to detail is first rate. The decals are difficult to apply but once they are done, look very realistic. as far as the blue decals matching, it's obvious you used the wrong color for the body.


9/18/2004 6:20:19 AM

I have to dissagree with the other comment on this car. The body is a superb piece of work. The chassis on the other hand needs work to run properly. It is a M-02. I fit a set of real oil filled set of shocks and the right springs to take the bounce out. The suspension is fairly sloppy, so clip pins in the arms are a must. Mine had been hit so hard in the front, that it bent the screws that hold the front chassis piece on. If you have done one of these, they are almost a 1/4 inch each. I replaced them and the front chassis parts, as the body mount was glued back on after impact. It got ball raced and uni's in the back. This, along with a set of radials and four spoke alloy wheels, acetoned. The decals are difficult and there are a lot of them over compound curves. They won't stick or fit the curves without using the good old heat shrink gun. I found using that method, they went on without much trouble, but there are nearly a hundred. Lot's of cutting. I left the windows clear, because I like them that way. I know there are several who darken the windows without a proper interior. I like em clear. I would get one of these before they are gone. I googled a bunch of the real cars to see how the lights looked and how to fit it properly with the stickers. A real car brings close to 100,000 Euros and up. I recommend this for every collection. The chassis also will fit a Mini, and I have the 177 Kyosho shell with all the goodies to do next.


8/16/2003 10:32:58 PM

Made the mistake of building this, the chassis is fairly straight forward to build as theres not a lot to it as it is a rear 2wd set up, i found some body lines hard to follow when trimming the shell but when finished the shape looked good, now comes the awfull part, decals. Now i found that you shouldnt apply them in the number order as you would end up putting the wipers on before to bottom window strip, same applies to the doors, if you fitt them in the number order you end up with them under the window trim, this also applies to the bonnet silver trim and the monte carlo decal. basically look at what you are fitting. Some of the window trim decals are also awkward to fit as i found that they dont stick too well and are slightly out of shape. all in all it looks reasonable when finished. A word of warning though, i would advise you spray paint the 2 rear air ducts and not use the decals as they are lighter in clour and also dont fit too well. Other awkward decals are the front indicaters they just dont seem to match the body shape. the decals on the lights are also funny things to get right. So in a word watch the decals. personaly i would say it ok for a runaround and give it 5/10...not one of my most favourite cars