1/25 British Battle Tank? Centurion Mk. III (w?/Control Unit)
Model Number: 566?0?4



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This kit takes the classic 1/25 scale Centurion Mk.III model from 1973 and turns it into an all-action R/C model! Furthermore, the version sold in the U.S. features parts to render the turret controllable.

The Centurion was developed by the British toward the end of WWII, and received a number of upgrades during its post-war service as the main British tank. The Mk. III featured a powerful 20-pounder main gun, and gained recognition for its service in the Korean War. With around 2,800 examples rolling off of the production line between 1948 and 1956, it was the most produced tank of the Centurion series.

1/25 scale R/C model assembly kit. Length: 385mm.

Dedicated R/C unit: TTU-10 transmitter and MC-07 receiver/motor control unit. Both have built-in antenna.

The model is powered by an assembly type twin motor gearbox and Type 130 motors.

Control forward and rear motion, and a range of turns using the transmitter control sticks.

U.S. spec kit features additional gearbox parts and Type 130 motor to control turret rotation. Note: Turret rotation is achieved by meshing Velcro tape on the inside of the turret ring and the gearbox output shaft, in a unique setup.

Durable link-type tracks come pre-assembled.

Comes with new decals for 3 marking options:

Marking 1: A Company, 8th Kings Royal Irish Hussars, 29th Infantry Brigade, Korea, 1951

Marking 2: C Company, 5th Royal Inniskilling Dragoon Guards, Commonwealth Division, Korea, 1952

Marking 3: C Company, 1st Royal Tank Regiment, Commonwealth Division, Korean Peninsula, 1953

Requires separately sold alkaline batteries for transmitter (AAA) and MC-07 (AA)