Volkswagen Beetle
Model Number: 58173




Tamiya King

12/10/2002 10:18:19 PM

This is one of my favorites as I own a real 1969 VW Beetle I am restoring.

I packed my M-02L with a 13T motor which makes it scream. I don't recommend this unless you have the Aluminum Heat Sink like I have. I love the rear wheel drive mini's over front wheel any day. I do plan on getting a M-04 for racing though, as they have independent shocks. This car can be a racer once you get used to the handling. (Tamiya King)


11/4/2002 5:50:44 PM

I found this car pretty easy to build. Friction-damped shocks. Plastic Bushings. I'm in the US and mine came with a manual speed control which also installed easily, even though an ESC is recommended. Plenty of room for receiver, 2 servos and MSC.

Surprisingly nice detail for a lexan car. Bumpers, mirrors and front headlights are all chrome bolt-on parts, not molded into the lexan. Tamiya doesn't seem to be doing this anymore, but it adds a nice touch. If possible, remove the bumpers and mirrors before driving. I don't imagine they'd last very long.

Lots of fun to drive, but a little unstable. I don't think you would be successful racing one of these, unless it was against other similar cars. Once it gets moving it tracks a fairly straight line, but it's easy to spin out if you want. It is not possible to apply any kind braking force with the MSC. Slipping the throttle into low-speed reverse immediately spins the car. This is probably why Tamiya recommends an ESC with this car.