?Mitsubishi Pajero Metal Top Wide? - Black Metal?lic
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This assembly kit recreates the Mitsubishi Pajero in a special Black Metallic rendition. The Pajero body sits atop the fun to drive Tamiya 4WD cross country chassis featuring independent front suspension and a rear 4-link rigid suspension set up for fun scale trail running enjoyment.

First introduced in 1982, Mitsubishi's Pajero line of Sport Utility Vehicles has enjoyed both commercial and racing success. It was available in both short wheelbase 3-door and long wheelbase 5-door versions. Special race versions of the Pajero have been taking part in rally races around the world since 1983, and it is the single most successful vehicle in the history of the Paris Dakar Rally, a fact which confirms the Pajero's superb off-road capabilities.

The All-Terrain CC-01 Chassis

The CC-01's highly reliable and efficient full-time 4WD system features a longitudinally-positioned motor, which transmits power to the front wheels via the gearbox and to the rear wheels via propeller shaft. Front and rear differentials enable smooth cornering, and for even greater off-road performance on rough terrain, the rear differential may be locked during assembly. The chassis suspension employs double-wishbone front upper single links and lower H-shaped arms plus rear rigid suspension. With 4 CVA oil dampers in total fitted to the front and rear, there's enough cushion to take on even the roughest surfaces. It also looks the part, with cool metal-plated wheels, plus block tread pattern tires.

The form of the 1993 Pajero (2nd generation) is realistically recreated using a tough ABS body, and given a cool black metal plated finish. Rear axle housing, under guard, and bumpers and sideboards plus wheels also have a plated finish in the same color.

Separate parts are included to recreate side mirrors, grille-mounted fog lamps, spare tire case, etc.

The highly reliable CC-01 chassis features a full-time 4WD system and front double wishbone, rear 4-link rigid suspension equipped with 4 CVA oil dampers.

4 LEDs are included to recreate main and auxiliary lights.

Realistic tread pattern tires come with white logo stickers.

A sticker is included to depict German license plates, for added realism

Note: This model requires a receiver with an external antenna cable, as the radio signals will be interfered with by the metal-plated body if using a receiver with a built-in antenna.

Includes Tamiya TBLE-02S ESC (electronic speed control) Capable of running sensor-based brushless motors and brushed motors alike. (21.5 Turn BL motor limit) (23 Turn brushed motor limit)

Includes 540-type Motor.

Requires: 2-channel radio, steering servo, 7.2volt battery & battery charger.