Martini Alfa 155
Model Number: 58189




Maxxed Ross

11/12/2003 11:20:43 PM

The big problem here is that I sold the car a few years ago, so I cant make muck comment on the performance as I only had it a few months, but here I go anyway...

The Alfa that I bought came coupled with the TA03F chassis, so let me start with my first thoughts, 'What the **** is the motor doing at the front?!?' The answer turned out to be simple, it balances the car front to rear near perfectally. As I bought the car to potentually replace my TA02 pickup for mucking about it wasn't really suited to what I was doing with it. The withbones got a fair beating and the bottom shock mounts almost wore through! Ouch! So it had to go.

The kit was very easy to build due to the usual clear instructions and pics. Having the motor at the front also had the added advantage of being the first thing all that lovely cool air hit, keeping it super cool no matter how hard you pushed it. But it made wiring...well...interesting at best. The belt drive train was a great idea, it was just a shame the gearbox sounded like a clapped out tractor. I don't know if ball races would have made a difference but it made one hell of a racket.

As far as the shell goes...WOW! I love it. The Alfa 155 is an old design, and it can show, but the Martini paintjob more than makes up for it. I liked it so much I kept the shell for my TG10.

I very weird looking machine but it would have been perfect for racing with the positioning of the motor and batteries. Ball raced with some hop ups it might even be good enough to win.