Mad Bull
Model Number: 58205




2WD Rear Wheels, gear diff


Front swing arm & rear rolling rigid

Chassis Description

ABS Monocoque

Body Type

PS injection moulded



Tamiya's entry level kit uses the chassis from the Fighter buggy (58184) and mates it with Lunchbox/Pumpkin style wheels and tyres to create this off road racing buggy. If you look carefully you may even notice the reworked Grasshopper 2 bodyshell! (Description by apcrc)



4/28/2008 5:40:12 PM

He he he he he!! LOL!

seriously, how is this not the most popular rc car ever?!
its is much fun , especially with a 23turn motor.

for the price, this is the most fun you'll have in RC.


2/9/2008 1:38:40 PM

Well for all the bad press this car receives it sure is BIG FUN
the shocks do need changeing for the cva units and a sports tuned motor sure does increase the speed,
Add full bearings and your ready for alot of fun these things jump well and will go over anything and at great speed !!!!
after owning alot of tamiya cars i think this has got to be the most fun kit i have ever owned
sure its basic and looks strange with its big wheels and tyres but theres quite a few hop-ups for this buggy that make a whole world of diffrence both to looks and performance
the sport tuned motor is about as powerfull as you want to go but makes it fly
the cva shocks improve handleing no end
and the bearings make battery life alot longer
then add wild willy2 wheels and paint the body a bright colour not black as box art add a std tamiya TEU101-BK esc (the early mad bulls came with an MSC)
then theres all the other little things body clips coloured areil tubes and wheel nuts etc plus if you can get hold of the mad fighters clear gearbox and coloured gears (same chassis) it all adds to how diffrent you can make these buggys look
ok you may build it and think what a pile of bull but then take it out on a summers day with a few charged batterys and it will make you grin your head off
just make sure you add a cable tie to the battery cover so you dont loose it and have fun

i dont care what anyone says these are great fun buggys/truggys andf even more indestructable than the grasshopper or hornet


7/29/2005 8:14:45 PM

I got a Madbull of a local trade site as an attempt at my first restoration before getting into more of the vintage models I had on the shelf. I thought this hunk of junk that would never amount to anything would aid my skills and then just get sold off. No way am I selling it now, It came out awesome with custom graphics donated from my ford focus that I never put on. Bearings right the way through and a brand new technigold. This car eats anything on road, its almost uncontolable in the dust (Thats the Fun Part) and does the biggest jumps and always lands on its feet.

Mad Bull is probably the most fun can you can possibly own and would reccomend it to anyone that wants to enjoy playing with RC cars

Brat Attacks

7/25/2005 1:26:48 AM

Bull Dog!

I got my Mad Bull as part of a 4-car set and didn’t really give it much thought as to running it. When it arrived l gave even less thought to it until the now infamous Kent Bash theme was “Jumping” and thus my jaded view on what l thought was rubbish changed.

It didn’t change that much. For £70 or so that they are trading for NIB it’s a bit of a con. If this is to be someone’s first stab at RC Tamiya style then skcollob and move on to another model.

It’s not that the Mad Bull is at all bad it just doesn’t really have an identity. It’s no monster truck but it’s also no buggy. It is a sort of Moon buggy and like the ones we see in pictures roaming the moons surface this could well have been based on that very vehicle.

I don’t want to stop you going out and buying one but let me warn you, it’s basic! I am sure that staring at it NIB will leave you with little feeling if for it. Go through the build up process and l am sure your left feeling rather cold and wondering what on earth you have spent your money on. On the spec sheet it should read, bathtub base with appendages consisting of a wobbly solid back axle and even more wobbly suspension arms at the front. Comes equipped with some super soft springs reminiscing of those fitted to a Citroen 2VC6.

So it’s all fitted up and you’re off (well your son is as these are from the look of brought for the kids) and after the first battery is run dry they put it away, disappointed at its lack of excitement. Now that sounds really unfair and to be truthful this is how l felt about mine.

But l am no kid and l have other models to run for just such occasions where l must behave and respect my model for what it is and what it can do. For the “big kid” or adult as we are so often referred to this is your ideal weekend thrash. Its big wheels will take it over anything, it simple construction makes it almost indestructible to any punishments that you so wish to subject it to. Let me assure you that no other Tamiya could ever take the abuse that this can take and that includes the Grasshopper and Hornet.

When Tamiya designed this l don’t think they knew what they had created. It’s fun fun fun but not quite all the way to the bank. And why this transformation form naff little moon buggy thing to fantastic entertainment? Because once modded a little with just a full set of balls and a hotter motor it really will fly and lollop around like an impotent penis on an jogging OAP and who cares if you skcuf it a bit, it will keep on going and come back for more like a good little puppy dog…..down boy…..DOWN!


9/16/2004 11:46:44 AM

I got hold of a second hand kit from eBay with the intention of using this purely for fun and using my TB01 chassis for the serious business of Hop ups and increasing performance. However - with those huge tyres (It really is a go anywhere vehicle!!) this really is a quick buggy when it gets up to speed!! Mine is now fully ballraced and with the sports tuned motor and it flies!
Its was never going to be competing with the top-end Monster trucks and buggies but for the money and ease of use / maintenance this has to be one of the better value Tamiya models I've run!


6/21/2003 5:28:42 AM

The Mad Bull is an odd cross between a monster truck and a buggy. A Truggy perhaps?

This buggy is based on the current bottom end line of buggies in the DT-01 family of buggies including the Mad Fighter and Fighter Buggy RX. This also can trace some lineage to the Grasshopper II as it shares a virtually identical body shell which thankfully is ABS and pretty tough. The really cool feature, in my opinion, is the use of the tires from the Lunchbox/Midnight Pumpkin. The XB Mad Bull uses the tires and wheels from the Wild Willy 2.

I have had a lot of fun with my Mad Bull and like the way it handles obstacles. While designed as a bottom end buggy it sure is a blast to drive, a snap to assemble and also looks great! And that is no 'Bull'!