Mercedes-Benz CLK
Model Number: 58214




4WD (1 belt, F&R gearboxes)


Four wheel independant double wishbone

Chassis Description

TA03R (ABS monocoque tub)

Body Type

Lexan polycarbonate, ABS rear wing



Rear motor TA03R in D2 livery. Chassis plastics are 'TRF' black?



1/14/2004 7:39:56 AM

I had never built a TA03 and got into mine for not much $. That was until I found out what is available in hop-up's. The dampers are straight forward enough. It is claimed that the Manta ball race will work in this car, and it will, but the gear is too wide for the gear box and needs to be fit to be friction free. The one way in the front dropped right in. I used universal joint axel's front and rear after not liking the fit of the light weight dogbone's. They were awfully stiff even without the o-rings and I suspect a little long. I used a Trinity P-94 11 turn and a Hitek unlimited forward only with brakes ESC. With the one way on the front, it hauls through corners and saves power. On the other hand, you only have rear brakes. I used the alloy upright holders, and if you get a bearing kit for it it needs 6 extra 850 bearing's to fit them and the alloy steering parts. The carbon chassis kit is a 3 piece affair and perfect like all Tamiya parts. It came with all the necessary parts to make the transition a snap. I used carbon shafts in the gear boxes and a carbon steering link also. Needless to say it has all ball races, ceramic sealed. I used a 16 tooth pinion and replaced the bad spur gear. It has both alloy motor mounts. To fit the pinion correctly, fold a sheet of printer paper in half and tighten down the motor with the paper in between the gears, then roll the paper out and the fit will be to spec. I put 16 tooth alloy pulleys in and a new belt. It got alloy uprights as well and the titanium pin set to hold the front and rear uprights in the housings. The body was done by eatersticks, and I have another I bought from Dinball. When the finished one came up on the bay, I couldn't resist, it was so well done. This car is very fast and handles as well as it should considering it has adjustable camber and shock settings. I am running A type slicks on a wood floor in a 70 degree building and it does quite well. Very sticky. Now if only I was a better driver! I am going to do a 414 next with that fab. Enzo body. I would recommend this car to anyone wanting to get into a little better street or indoor car. The body looks great and the amount of parts is almost unlimited.