Ford SVT Mustang Cobra
Model Number: 58228




Shaft Driven 4WD


Four wheel independent double wishbone

Chassis Description

Polycarbonate monocoque

Body Type

Clear Lexan polycarbonate



Tamiya have produced this next generation of the Mustang family and mounted it on the TL-01 chassis. The Mustang had a 5.8L engine and 300bhp to play with and of course the Tamiya car has the horse on the grill!



11/19/2006 5:47:39 AM

When I was little I saw four of these carpet racing at a local event. It was my first taste of real R/C and they were not only fast and my favorite car, but they were winning too. The body of this car is great; well detailed and a great looker. It's durable enough for a beginner but good luck finding a replacement without buying a NIB kit.

The chassis is the TL-01; it's good for a beginner and used to be hot stuff on the racing circuit. I recently took my somewhat hopped up Mustang to the local carpet races for a run. It was my first time so my driving wasn't very good, but the car never broke and only stopped when a wheel fell off because of a loose nut. There were several brutal crashes but unlike the other cars, nothing broke or got thrown out of alignment. The TL-01 chassis is amazingly durable and doesn't get 'tweaked' like other cars. With an old mod stock motor, 19t pinion and Speed Tuned gears the car had sufficient torque but needed some skill to keep from overheating the motor. The top speed however made it an absolute rocket; on the back stretch it came out of the corner and took off, roaring past the other cars before sliding sideways on the next corner and smacking the boards. And that was with neutral motor timing! Needless to say, I did not win, but the fact that I was competitive with TC4s and XRAYs was reason enough to come back for more. I'd say that the only handling problems with the car are that the rear end is a bit loose and the car is too fast for its own good. It's great for a beginner racer or just general bashing. For the price, you just can't pass up the TL-01.


8/15/2006 7:07:57 AM

This was my first car. Ran it for years with the stock can motor. Found out the car was pretty much bulletproof, I was pretty rough with it. Turned great doughnuts. Discovered track racing a couple of years later and decided to hop up the motor and speed control. Popped in a 19t motor and an ESC from Duratrax. I wasnt too thrilled with the results. Couldn't hold a corner and spun around almost every time I tried to take a turn. If this car has any bad traits, it's the weight distribution. This is a great kit to start with, but if you really want to race you might want to consider something else.

juggy2 4 me

1/27/2003 3:51:22 AM

my first on-road car. have always had a thing for Mustangs anyway. car is easy to assemble and a blast to run with just the factory motor that came with it. didn't think the motor would have enough get up n go to turn some donuts but it surprised me! nearly fried the tires in my neighbor's driveway! keep it on the pavement though, because if it gets in grass it's helpless! very good car though can't wait to put mod motor in it.
joey (juggy2 4 me)