Raybrig NSX '99
Model Number: 58254




Belt Driven 4WD


Four wheel independent double wishbone

Chassis Description

ABS Bathtub

Body Type

Clear Lexan polycarbonate



The Raybrig NSX comes with a detailed Tamiya body mated to a hopped up TA-03R chassis. A good car to have in the collection and slightly better than the standard TA-03R, all be it at a price.


El Mexican

8/16/2003 12:08:41 AM

This car is built on the venerable TA03R plataform which had quite a limited run in favor of the revolutionary TA03F chassis. To spiece things up, the Raybrig 99 comes with complete ball bearings, color coded springs, stabilizers, and a few other minor upgrades you wont find in the normal TA03´s. All in all, youll find you paid an excellent price for the kit.
Building the car is a nonfrills afair, yet requieres dedication. Itll probaby take a few more hours than the average TL01 or similar plataforms, but the rewards are well woth it. When completed, you find that the chassis looks extremely attarctive even without the body on:something only a few manufacturers beside Tamiya can achieve. Oh yes...the body.
It may take as much as the car to complete, but the shell is killer once fully painted and decaled. Marvelous! The included green wheels on slicks type-A only make more beautiful.
As for performance, I cant say the Raybrig is very fast even with a stock 24° Peak Performance motor and Tamiya MRC unit installed. I believe its rather heavy. Control wise, it can turn on a dime. Abusing the car through a turn only to fin out it didnt spin out is always a welcomed surprise. Cant argue with Tamiya in that department.
A good car to thrash around. A better car to just leave in the desk and admire.