Lancia 037 Rally (Ltd. Ed.)
Model Number: 58278




4WD (1 belt, F&R gearboxes)


Double Wishbone all round

Chassis Description

TA03RS (ABS monocoque tub)

Body Type

ABS hardbody


RS540 mid mounted







Wheel Base


Tread Front


Tread Rear


Ground Clearance



1,700g (incl. battery)


1/10 Touring Car


front:26mm Semi-slick radials
Rear:26mm Semi-slick radials

This was the re-release car that Tamiya built using their TA03RS chassis (R being rear or mid motor, S being the short wheelbase variant) the chassis is a real joy to build and feels really sophisticated (not like the TA01). The bodyshell is superbly detailed and is very similar to the first Lancia Rally (#58040) but is not quite the same (wheelarches are smaller, body mounts are re-located, glass is different on the re-release). The re-release has a much better likeness to the real car which was one of lancia's most superb creations. [by synchrocnc]



9/7/2004 4:31:16 AM

This is a great body. It has always been one of the best as far as detail goes and has the potential to be good enough to fool you if you are looking at the photograph. My only complaints about this are the wheels and the lack of suspension travel. For a rally car, it just does not fit a 4wd touring car chassis. The orig. as was said before, was the last 2wd rear car to really win before the Quatro's etc came on the seen and the group 2 rules changed. Lancia made this body all out of fiberglass resin and Kevlar cloth. Light and strong, but the ones that crashed were ruined. The rear body section of the model looks nothing like the real car. The tail light section is ok, but that ribbed part underneath is not on the original. A really minor detail considering. It is a fairly difficult decal job, time and patience and a little luck will produce a first class job. The wheels that came with this kit should be pitched. I tried painting them silver and they still looked like touring car wheels, so mine sports Integrale wheels and block rally tires. There is not much that can be done as far as the TA03 suspension goes. I guess it will just have to look good and live on the shelf. I didn't install the really big bumper for that same reason. I did install 8 7.2 volt LED's in the lights. I had to drill them out to 3mm, not much, but a little. They have there own switch and draw no power. I would be happy to supply drawings and sources on request. The rest except the ESC and the TRF shocks is stock. I like it and it looks good sitting next to my original. These can still be had for around 150.00 US. I would add it to your collection for the body alone.


12/31/2002 2:59:55 PM

So much has been said about this model already, so I will keep it short. It was no surprise when Tamiya relaunched the Lancia with a slightly modified body on a different chassis. The 037 body is one of the most realistic from Tamiya ever, but on the original model, the large wheels (and accordingly wide wheel arches) and the high ground clearance didn't look right, so I never wanted one, but I assembled several for customers, and enjoyed that too. On the rerelease the flaws in the looks of the original model have been corrected, and Tamiya has even added mirrors, wind screen wipers and a few new decals, so now the Lancia looks very realistic. Tamiya opted to place the modified body on a TA03R-S chassis. A sensible decision, as the wheelbase and width is right, and with 4WD, the handling is good, so the chance of crashing and ruining the rather fragile body is somewhat lower than with a rear wheel drive chassis. The real car was however rear wheel drive only, so I have built myself an M04L with TL01 suspension (direct fit) to have a more realistic chassis too. I don't know if I will ever drive it though.

I won't say much about the TA03R-S chassis as I suppose you all know it well already. Suffice to say that Tamiya has included a VERY large bumper (so far and probably for ever exclusive for this model) to protect the rather fragile body.

Like the original model, the body of the rerelease also is prepared for lights. As the original model was launched at a time when the Tamiya light bulb set (50320) didn't yet exist, normal miniature "wheat" bulbs are suggested. The front has 6 lights, and the rear 2, and they scream for light bulbs, or better, LEDs. The price for white LEDs has decreased a lot the last few years, and is a better choice than light bulbs, as they are more reliable, and the light itself whiter.

Anything to criticize about the model? No not really, but the chrome on the wheels is much too bright. Some may like it that way, but for a realistic look (for a rally car) they should be dechromed and painted silver, unless you want to depict a road car with polished wheels. I'm not a specialist on Lancia, but I think all 037 road cars came with rectangular taillights, whereas the rally car had round taillights like Tamiya models, so for an exact road car, new taillights would have to be fabricated. Better leave it "rally" with those beautiful Martini stickers!

Conclusion: I love this model, but would have liked to see Tamiya release a Lancia Stratos instead. The 037 may have been the right choice back in 1984, but today, almost only Lancia enthusiasts and very dedicated rally enthusiasts know it, whereas the Stratos is a well known classic, and to my opinion looks better too, especially in Alitalia colours. Nothing wrong about the Martini livery though. Just got to get that beautiful 1/10 scale Nichimo (hard plastic body) Lancia Stratos RC-car too!

Tamiya King

12/10/2002 9:57:37 PM

This kit is nice. Detail is really sweet. I love the TA-03 chassis, as I have a TA-03F too. I was happy to hear Tamiya Released the body on a TA-03RS. It gave me an excuse to buy another TA-03. If you paint all the details on this car, it will take a long time to assemble, but worth every second. I highly recommend it. You can pick up for good price on Tower Hobbies, or on eBay, but watch out for the prices on eBay, some go for way more then you can get from Tower Hobbies. (Tamiya King)