Model Number: 58280




4 Wheel Drive & 4 Wheel Steer


4 Oil Filled coil over shocks, mounted on cantilevers

Chassis Description

2 Metal side plates boted together with strengthening pieces

Body Type

Highly Detailed lexan, supplied painted, + comes with a spare clear one too


Twin 540 motors







Wheel Base


Tread Front


Tread Rear


Ground Clearance



5,010g (incl. 2 servos, RX & battery)


1/10 Monster Truck


front:Clod lug (width 106mm, diameter 165mm)
Rear:Clod lug (width 106mm, diameter 165mm)

Bigger than a Clodbuster, and can climb almost anything you put in front of it, this is a Monster of a Monster Truck. Can be either 2 or 4 wheel steering, and is powered by 2 motors which sit amidships next to each other. [by stulec52]

Check out those alloy chassis sideplates!!! [by WillyChang]



5/3/2005 8:18:01 PM

When I decided to get back into Tamiya model building I was looking for a build challenge. When my local model store sold me a TXT-1 I was eagerly anticipating building it and making it. For a kit of this price I was disappointed they hadn't provided torkier 540 types and full ballracing, but at least there were the great aluminium parts, like the chassis and suspension. Construction took two days, not quite full time and the provided painted polycarbonate body needed decalling, although it was already well painted and decorated.

So to the road testing...
...To be honest I was expecting better handling, because the problem with this model is that the whole body twists when you accellerate. My friend observed helpfully that the model was having a 'torsion moment'. Well put, but that doesn't seem to be solvable, as it is as a result of the weight of the model and relatively lanky suspension arms. That said, it will climb over pretty much anything (including small children and even pets, but please do not ask how I know!)

Weighing in at 5 kilos, it is probably the heaviest Tamiya model and for the price could have done with full ballracing, proper motors. Having said that, it has great presence and really looks the business with those Chrome wheels, which really suit it. It feels much more like a 1/8 Nitro truck than a 1/10 electric, which is perhaps because of the size and weight as much as anything.

Watch out for the little locknuts and rubber washers which attach the stabilisers to the lower arms. They come off when you go over anything and are a bit of a design flaw. Also, any speedy knock on those front wheels will damage and even break the cogs inside the servo (with or without servo saver) because of the leverage caused by those enormous wheels. I used a hitec hitorque servo and linked a second servo to the back making it 4x4x4. I will soon attach 4ch radio gear and try having fun with the servos going in different directions!

All things considered : 8/10


10/20/2002 4:42:51 PM

First real monster truck I got (apart from the clob, but as thats still in its box it doesn't count). First impressions are this is a great kit, technically fantastic to build and just look at. Remided me of the good old days of the sand scorcher, rough rider etc, in that here was a kit that didn't look like a toy.

Once built it has some strange driving habits - which might just be the way I built it. Rear wheel pops of the ground every time you go from forward to reverse and the whole chassis twists when you accellerate hard. Out of the box its not that quick either. That said it goes over anything that gets in its way