Ford Focus RS WRC 01
Model Number: 58281




Shaft Driven 4WD


Four wheel independent double wishbone

Chassis Description

ABS Bathtub

Body Type

Clear Lexan polycarbonate



Colin Mcrae and Nicky Grist's latest Ford Focus WRC contender. Tamiya's latest Focus has been mounted on the reliable TB-01 chassis rather than the TL-01 of the last Focus. A great looking car mounted on a chassis that performs well on tarmac and gravel. One for the rallying fans.



6/9/2003 11:53:04 PM

The Focus has been recreated by Tamiya a number of times mostly on the TL01 chassis, This to my knowledge is the only TB01 Focus Tamiya made. The TB01 is a good solid chassis based on the heavier TG10 Nitro Mk1. The TG10 alloy chassis has been replaced with a plastic bathtub which comes with a clear lexan lid to make it dust and splash-resistant. (a rarity these days for those of us brought up on waterproof rough-riders!) Also included are formed sponges to plug the gaps.
The TG10 front & rear suspension is carried directly over to the Focus, along with the steering setup which is the only bad thing on this car as it gets a fair amount of play over time. The Propshaft supplied is a heavy chrome steel one which is OTT for the job, along with the diff's which are TG10 cast metal (also OTT !) The car comes with a 16t pinion gear which give a rather slow ratio of nearly 10:1. But Tamiya do supply three different crown gears which give you 15 or so different ratio choices if you use your own pinions.

On the plus side it's a great car that can take loads of abuse, the chassis is very tough protecting the radio gear from knocks and rubbish. The car comes with a full ball bearing set, oil-filled shocks, adjustable length suspension top-arms (for Camber), adjustable steering arms, and motor heatsink as standard. Add these options to a TL01 and the TB01 Focus starts looking like a good buy!

Suggested hop-ups; change the propshaft for the alloy option part from either the TB01 Enzo, or the TB01 Raybrig NSX, this is 99% as good as the carbon option but costs only £6 ! Buy the lightwieght gear set which replaces the heavy metal parts of the diffs for light nylon parts this makes the drivetrain alot more responsive, lighter, and strangely it makes the car about 50% quieter! The anti-roll bar option contains a pair for front & rear and is only £5 or so, this is very useful as the high chassis compared to a TA04 makes it roll a bit. Other than that I've found the optimal pinion gear is about 21t, any higher & it looses it's responsiveness.
There are some good deals to be had on this as some UK model shops are selling the kit for £125 including ESC, which makes a TL01 start to look a bit pricey.

Other TB01's (these are from memory so please forgive any mistakes!)

Enzo Ferrari (comes with long-arm suspension option, higher pinion, alloy diff & prop, no dust cover for radio gear)
NSX (higher pinion, alloy diff & prop, no dust cover, slicks)
Evo VI (no ball-races)
Subaru '99 (no ball-races)
Evo VII (similar to Focus, with rallyblock tyres)
Subaru 2001 prototype (similar to Focus)