Beams Integra Type R
Model Number: 58293





1/10/2003 11:14:15 PM

This car is well-balanced, easy to learn and always puts a big smile on my face when driving it. Four-wheel slides are a piece of cake for this little speeder! Beautiful body too...


12/9/2002 10:52:00 PM

The Beams Integra is a great kit. The TL01 chassis (4WD) is a nice solid simple piece of engineering. It all goes together in a logical understandable fasion and is one of those kits that makes you feel satisfied as it all comes together at the end. Its just a shame that Tamiya supply it with plastic bearings and not performance metal ones. It is surprisingly fast in standard form. It doesnt have a huge top speed but it sure gets to it quickly! It is excellently balanced with a good centre of gravity as the battery is mounted in the middle. It corners well and when it does start to loose traction it is progressive and controlable and gives you confidence to throw the car about a bit! On a large flat surface like a car park or even better inside a sports hall it is a scream. Great for pulling spins and big four wheel slides. Its a rugged enough chassis for a beginer to get in to curcit racing or RC touring without being embarasingly slow. To cap it all off, I think the shell is awsome. Its very nicely proportioned and has some realy nice details that make the car look aggresive without being to "in yer face"! Its low slung, sexy and the gold rims look great too. All in all, this is a wonderful kit. It might not be ground breaking in design or conception, but it is a very well sorted car. Its simply a great all rounder that will make you smile whatever mood your in. I think, a future classic!