Leopard A4 (1/16)
Model Number: 56002





8/9/2003 6:42:09 AM

Just want to add that Tamiya uses torquesion(spel?) bar to absorb road bumps which is similar to real tank suspension design.


8/9/2003 6:35:33 AM

The Leopard A4 was the cheapest of the three 1/16 tank series put out by Tamiya back then. (No turret function just fwd / bwd and turns) The assembling of the metal tracks will take a long time and need to "crazy glue" the couplings. The A4 has metal track which feels more realistic and durable over plastic tracks. The fake shock absorber will likely come apart and be lost after a run or two out in the yard. The model comes with an "On and Off" switch speed control which needs to be replaced either with a ESC of MSC. The running gears are located at the rear and going up steep hills will only be possilbe by reversing up. (The Vintage King Tiger has the running gears up front thus can travel up steep hill fwd.) Is a detailed model but roughing it outside will result in many damaged or missing parts. Like all tracked vehicles don't expect a lot of speed and best run it on packed sand.


8/8/2003 6:52:09 PM

This was the first tank that i ever owned.My parents bought it for me for christmas back in the 80s.I remember being really excited.I spent the whole of christmas day and most of boxing day, just assembling the tracks.

The Leopard had an alluminuim chassis, torsion bar suspension and rubber treaded road wheels.Power came from a single 540 motor driving twin clutches that allowed one track to slow, alowing the tank to turn.
It was only 2 channel and the speed control was just two switches.One speed forward and reverse.Tracks were metal and had to be assembled. From memory, and i may be wrong but i think that there was about 7 parts to each link and there was alot of links in one track.Mind numbing work
When you had finally built it they tended to come apart all of the time!
Once it was moving it did look great though and it was still my favourite toy!