German Kubelwagen Type 82 (1/16)
Model Number: 56012





12/8/2002 3:09:32 PM

As a VW-nut I was delighted to hear that Tamiya would release a 1/16 RC-model of the Kübelwagen. 1/10 scale would have been better, but I have my 1/9 scale Esci Kübelwagen with SRB mechanics, so I can live with 1/16 too! As any Tamiya-kit this model is well presented and a joy to build. Being more of a motorized plastic model than an RC-model it requires some plasticmodel building skills though. The detail and precision is fantastic, which is no wonder as Tamiya engineered this model parallel to a static model of the Kübelwagen as well. Most parts of the model are glued and not screwed together. That might put most of you pure RC-modelers out there off, but as expected Tamiya has carefully ensured that all electronics and moving parts can be assessed after assembly so principally, the model can be used. So what about driving the model? It has no differential so traction is good even on difficult surfaces, but cornering of course suffers. Also, the size of the car is too small for ambitious off-road driving. A toy-like radio control system is included with the model, which is a nice gesture, but useless for anything but a short presentation. Steering and throttle are not proportional (max steering angle and one speed only) so driving characteristics are like that of the "Canned Heat" cars. Conclusion? Fantastic fun to build! A must for any VW-enthusiast, but better enjoyed MIB, or if you want one built in your showcase; buy the static model version instead!