Tamiya 1/10th Models 44001-44029
Model Number: 99930





1/23/2003 12:44:17 PM

44013 Tamiya TG10 Mk 1 Raybrig NSX JGTC 1998. I bought this car over a year ago, and was at first very impressed with it. I had only driven and raced electric cars before, and all were Tamiyas, so to finally get a drive a nitro car was a bit of an experience at first. As soon as I opened the box the kit screemed Tamiya quality, all packaged neatly and tightly, instructions amazingly easy to read and understand and that wonderful Raybrig NSX body and decal set. The car basically flew together, no real need to look at the instructions apart from the steering linkage and the dampers setups, etc. After running the engine in nicely, the car performed great, quick to start with with good acceleration. After about 4 weeks I decided to upgrade the TG10 , add a few racing parts and enter the stock nitro class at my local track. Well after 11 month and over £1000 of upgrades later, the car is now fully hopped up and competing in the F1 class of my local track, that being the GTP Pro Spec Class. Still not won a race yet but have come 2 a few times and always seem to finish in the top 5. The car was great as a beginners car and is proving to be equally impressive in pro racing against all the odds from the other racers. Great chassis, great body, great Tamiya. What more do I need to say. Except, maybe upgrade time?? Tamiya TG10R?? we'll see.




11/2/2002 4:13:42 PM

The car displayed is a TG-10 Mini cooper , it is a 1/8th scale mini but it uses the 1/10th scale chassis but with bigger wheels, The chassis is very close to the TB-01 range of chassis, sharing gearbox's and many other parts, so you can use their upgrades aswell. As standard they come with a .12 engine which is allright for fun but i replaced mine with a .15 and it really flies now, This car truely is amazing , it turns like it's on rails and really does please the crowd with it's looks and noise.
They are a very robust kit and they drive very well standard out the box, although replace normal bearings with ball races. It is a must that you run the engine in properly as it will last longer, start easier and give more power.
With the option of adding a 2 speed transmission and carbon deck , electric start ,low friction dampers etc... this car really is the biz.