Globe Liner
Model Number: 56304





6/15/2004 10:08:04 PM

This was the first Tamiya kit I ad built since I built the old Celica. I had always fancied building one of these trucks, and I took the plunge and decided to build this one instead of the Knight Hauler, which is in the queue to build.

First of all, paint the body, so it can dry while you build the truck itself, cause if like me you want it finished as soon as poss! Building was a joy, the chassis comes together very easily and the suspension is easy but effective to build.

This is a such a tidy build, when the wheels are on and the main chassis is done, its superb, engineering at its best. The instructions are clear and not too often I got the screws mixed up, but major damage done.

The gear box. Follow the instructions carefully ! I forgot to put in 4 washers and it was all built, when I looked at what was left I found them, but never mind it still runs a treat, the gear box did take me 3 builds and I could not get it to shift one of the ways, and plenty of grease and perserverance finally got it working in a fashion of sorts. I realised in the end that when you turn and push the gear shifting shaft the meacanism worked a treat. When attached to the servo, this is what it did anyway.

Chassis completed, onto finishing the cab. Plenty of chrome here, and the panel at the back to allow you to get the battery in and out is a real treat. I remember the days of the four stub points and the pins to get the body on and off. Number of times I lost them, but to have the hatch there now, you don't even have to take the battery out, just charge it in situ.

Driving is fantastic, but reversing with the trailer on is a whole new ball game. But its something new to learn and electronic speed controllers are fantastic ! Precise movements are a treat and its a wonderfult thing to build and drive.

Its expensive but a treat to build and run. but overall it looks great on the floor of my model room.