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Model Number: 88887





1/3/2003 3:24:19 PM

The original release of this model (58003) was Tamiya's third RC-car, and because of its age and unique construction it was considered by many collectors as the holy grail of Tamiya. With the rerelease. though on a totally different chassis, the price on NIB 58003's has decreased, but this will change when both are out of production, and original Tamiya "metal" will always be more valuable than the newer "plastic" models.

The rerelease (49154) is based on a modified F103 chassis, which is a sensible choice. Reliability, handling, parts availability and low cost because of the many carry-over parts and less work with construction are the real benefits, but it makes the rerelease rather boring to build.

The two axle front suspension is unique for this model, but Tamiya didn't put much effort into it's construction, so it's simple, doesn't work so well and it lacks the scale looks of other recent Tamiya F1 cars. The construction uses the trued and tested uprights and suspension/king pins, which is well enough, but instead of gliding through plastic (like on all other models with this setup), the suspension pins "scratch" through fibreglass, and tend to seize. Also, the construction is technically "incorrect" in the sense that the steering angles are identical for both front axles, although the second axles travels through a narrower arc than the first front axle.

Just for fun I combines my Six-Wheeler with a (5825 F103LM TRF Chassis Kit to hop it up, and this is probably the cheapest way of getting almost all hop-ups parts for the model.

A special battery is included with the model. It has the same dimensions as a normal Tamiya Racing Pack (stick pack), but is shorter. Otherwise it wouldn't be enough space for the battery connector. As I use Corally connectors directly soldered to the battery (no cables) I can use any of my stick pack, making the special battery superfluous.

I'm very happy that Tamiya released this modell, as it gave me the chance to build a Six-Wheeler again (my current NIB 58003 will remain NIB forever), but I doubt I will ever run it. Having the same body as the original release (with minor differences), it is a beautiful shelf queen, and with the very low prices achieved on eBay right now (January 2003), I think all Tamiya collector should get one.